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Sept. 19.-Austro-German forces begin a

bombardment of the Serbian frontier,

preparatory to their announced intention

of invading Serbia and opening a road to


Sept. 24.-Greece orders the mobilization

of all forces.

Sept. 25.-The long-heralded Anglo-French

drive commences in the Champagne district and in vicinity of Lens. The first

few days of offensive movement nets

about 50 square miles of territory, many

prisoners and considerable war munitions.

Sept. 27.-Kut-el-Amara, Turkey in Asia,

captured by British under General Townshend.

Sept. 28. England pledges armed support

to all Balkan countries who will join the


Sept. 30.-The French make additional

gains in the Champagne district.

Oct. 3.-The Allies land troops at Saloniki,

Greece, with the view of aiding Serbian

resistance against the Teutons.

Oct. 4.-Russia sends ultimatum to Bulgaria

demanding answer in 24 hours.

Oct. 5.-Ambassador Von Bernstorff delivers

note to United States, disavowing the

sinking of the Arabic and agreeing to give


Oct. 6.-The Greek Premier Venizelos resigns from the cabinet. Austro-German

forces invade Serbia, while Bulgaria formally rejects the ultimatum of Russia.

Allied forces commence advance into Serbia. French gain slight success in Champagne. King Constantine of Greece

appoints Zaimis as Premier to succeed


Oct. 7.-The Bulgarian port of Varna, on

the Black Sea, is bombarded by Russian


Oct. 9.-The Austro-German forces capture

Belgrade after a severe bombardment of

several days. Bulgaria protests to Greece

against landing of Allied troops at Saloniki.


Oct. 10.-German attacks in vicinity of

Loos repulsed with heavy losses. Russians driven back in Galicia.

Oct. II.-The Teutonic invasion of Serbia

progresses and town of Smedereva is

taken. Russian forces gain success over

Austrians on Stripa River. Germans

capture five miles of trenches from Russians west of Dvinsk. French gain

ground in Champagne.

Oct.. 12.-Austro-Germans advance south

of Belgrade on line of Orient railway.

Edith Cavel, English nurse, is executed

by Germans on charge of aiding British

and Belgians to escape from Belgium.

Oct. 13.-Bulgarian army invades Serbia at

three points. Greece announces position

for present to be one of armed neutrality.

Oct. 14.-French Foreign Minister Delcasse

resigns from Cabinet. Austro-Germans

advance to Posarevatz, Serbia. Greece

renounces treaty with Serbia. Zeppelin

raid over London results in deaths of 55

persons. British submarines in Baltic Sea

sink six German merchant ships.

Oct. 16.-Great Britain declares war on

Bulgaria. Serbia declares war on Bulgaria. Russians continue offensive at


Oct. 18.-Allies land troops at Enos, in

Turkish territory. Allies take Strumitza,

Bulgaria. Bulgars and Teutons making

important advances in Serbia.

Oct. 19.-Italy declares war on Bulgaria.

Bulgarians take Vrania. Allies repulse

several German attacks in France. Germans take Duona. General Sir Ian

Hamilton is recalled from the Dardanelles.

Sir Edward Carson resigns from the

British cabinet.

Oct. 20.-Serbian capital transferred from

Nish to Prisrend. Bulgarians and Teutons make further gains in Serbia. Italy

resumes strong offensive against Austria.

Oct. 22.-Serbians reported in serious

plight. Bulgars take Komanova. French

defeat attacks on west front. Teutons

nearing Riga.