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May 29.-Germany's reply to U. S. note

suggests arbitration. British shells sink

Zeppelin in North Sea.

May 30.-Italians force way to Trieste, and

capture town of Ala.

June 1.-Zeppelin airships drop ninety

bombs at the mouth of the Thames.

June 3.-Italians reduce fort near Trent.

San Marino Republic (smallest independent government in the world) declares war. Przemysl retaken by Austro-German troops.

June 7.-Secretary of State Bryan resigns.

June 8.-Italians occupy Monfalcone.

June II.-President Wilson's second Lusitania note to Germany made public.

June 13.-Gen. Mackensen breaks Russian

line east of Przemysl. Venizelos wins in

Greek elections.

June 22.-Austro-Germans recapture Lemberg.

July 7.-Italian armored cruiser Amalfi sunk

by Austrian submarines.

July 8.-Germany's reply to second United

States note regarding Lusitania handed

to American ambassador at Berlin. Last

German forces in South Africa surrender

to Gen. Botha. Russians surprise Austrians under Archduke Joseph Ferdinand

and capture 15,000.

July 15.-200,000 Welsh miners strike.

Germans capture Przasnysz.

July 22.-President Wilson sends third

Lusitania note to Germany.

July 31.-Austrians occupy Lublin.

Aug. 1.-Teutonic forces advancing steadily

on Warsaw.

Aug. 4.-British notes on blockade made


Aug. 5.-Germans occupy Warsaw and


Aug. 7.-The Allies land a new army on

Gallipoli peninsula.

Aug. 9.-British forces gain slight success

in vicinity of Ypres.

Aug. 12.-The Germans take Siedlce, east

of Warsaw.


Aug. 14.-The British transport Royal

Edward is sunk by a submarine in the

Aegean Sea with a loss of over a thousand


Aug. 17.-The Germans occupy the city of

Kovno. Zeppelins again raid the suburbs

of London.

Aug. 19.-The trans-atlantic liner Arabic

is torpedoed and sunk off Fastnet; several

American lives lost. The Germans occupy Novo Georgievsk.

Aug. 21.-German naval forces suffer defeat

by Russian ships in an attack on Gulf of


Aug. 26.-German offensive movement continues successful with the occupation of


Aug. 28.-The German ambassador to the

United States, Count Von Bernstorff,

requests delay of action on part of this

government in the Arabic case and

promises full satisfaction.

Sept. 1.-Germany gives virtual acceptance

of the American contentions on submarine


Sept. 2.-German forces take Grodno.

Sept. 4.-Allan liner Hesperian sunk off


Sept. 7.-Grand Duke Nicholas is relieved

of supreme command of Russian forces,

the Czar assuming direct command in his


Sept. 8.-The Russians assume the offensive

in Galicia and score slight success. The

Germans in a new offensive in the Argonne

district of France, gain over a mile of

French trenches.

Sept. 9.-The recall of the Austrian ambassador, Dr. Constantin Dumba, is

demanded by President Wilson. Germany delivers note to United States

justifying the sinking of the Arabic.

Sept. 10.-A financial commission, sent to

the United States by England and France,

lands in New York.

Sept. 15.-The Teutonic forces occupy


Sept. 18.-The German advance in Russia

continues and city of Vilna is taken.