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Feb. 25.-Allied fleet silences all forts at

entrance to the Dardanelles.

Feb. 27.-Russians recapture Przasnysz.

Mar. 2.-Russians occupy Dukla Pass.

Mar. 5.-Continued bombardment of the

Dardanelles silences three more forts on

the Asiatic side.

Mar. 9.-Three British merchantmen sunk

by German submarines.

Mar. 11.-British take Neuve Chapelle and

advance toward Lisle.

Mar. 14.-Three British warships sink the

German cruiser Dresden near Juan Fernandez Island.

Mar. 15.-French capture trenches in

vicinity of Arras.

Mar. 18.-British battleships Irresistible and

Ocean and the French battleship Bouvet

are sunk in the Dardanelles. The British

Inflexible and French Gaulois are damaged.

Mar. 22.-Przemysl is surrendered to the


Mar. 23.-Lupkow Pass is won by the


Mar. 28.-British-African passenger-ship

Falaba is .sunk by a German submarine

in St. George's Channel.

Apr. 1.-Germans begin attacks on English

fishing fleets.

Apr. 2.-British battleship Lord Nelson is

destroyed in the Dardanelles.

Apr. 3.-Allied fleet withdraws from the


Apr. 4.-Russian army wins Smolnik near

Lupkow Pass.

Apr. 5.-Russians capture Varecze Pass in

the Carpathians.

Apr. 7.-Germans surrender Les Eparges to

the French.

Apr. 11.-Russian army encamps within

eighteen miles of the Hungarian border.

Apr. 14.-Fierce fighting rages at "Hill

60" in the vicinity of Ypres.

Apr. 17.-Russians withdraw from Tarnow

in Galicia.

Apr. 19.-Germans gain in the struggle near


Apr. 20.-British defeat the Turks in Mesopotamia. Relations between Austria

and Italy become strained. Germans

begin to evacuate Italy.

Apr. 23.-Attack by the Allies is resumed

in the Dardanelles.

Apr. 26.-Russians suffer losses at Uzsok


Apr. 26.-Germans, reinforced, repulse

French north of Ypres, offsetting loss

at Neuve Chapelle.

Apr. 28.-English and French ships suffer

severe loss in the Dardanelles. The Allies

establish armies on the peninsula of


Apr. 29.-Germans cut the Libau-Kovno

railroad in Russia.

Apr. 30.-Germans shell Dunkirk from distance of 20 miles.

May 1.-American oil-steamer Cushing

wrecked by German aeroplane in the

North Sea. American steamer Gulflight

sunk by German submarine.

May 2.-Austrians gain heavy victory over

the Russians in Tarnow.

May 5.-British lose "Hill 60" near Ypres.

May 7.-The Lusitania is sunk by German

submarine off Kinsale, Ireland, with a

loss of 1198 lives of which 120 were


May 13.-President Wilson sends Lusitania

protest to Germany.

May 16.-British battleship Goliath sunk in

the Dardanelles.

May 18.-German trenches captured south

of Richebourg.

May 19.-Reorganization of English cabinet.

May 22.-Italy declares a 'State of War'.

Troops clash on the frontier.

May 23.-French gain north of Arras.

May 24.-Italy declares war on Austria.

May 26.-Ex-Premier Balfour succeeds

Winston Churchill as First Lord of the


May 27.-British battleship Triumph is

torpedoed in the Dardanelles.

May 28.-British auxiliary vessel Princess

Irene is blown up at the mouth of the

Thames, loss of 424 lives.