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Dec. 13.-British submarine sinks Turkish

battleship Masudieh in the Dardanelles.

Dec. 14.-Serbians recapture Belgrade. Austrians capture 9,000 Russians at Dukla in

the Carpathians.

Dec. 16.-The English coast towns Scarborough, Hartlepool, and Whitby are

bombarded by a German squadron.

Dec. 17.-England declares protectorate

over Egypt; end of Turkish suzerainty.

Dec. 18.-Germans seize Lowicz.

Dec. 19.-Battle on the Bzura halts Germans thirty miles from Warsaw.

Dec. 20.-Interior forts of the Dardanelles

are bombarded by allied fleets. Germans

advance farther toward Warsaw.

Dec. 21.-Russians win in Armenia.

Dec. 22.-German strongholds along Belgian

coast shelled by allied fleets.

Dec. 23.-Austrians defeated in Carpathians.

Dec. 25.-British cruisers accompanied by

hydro-aeroplanes attack German naval

base at Cuxhaven.

Dec. 30.-Germans withdraw over the



Jan. 1.-British battleship Formidable is

torpedoed and sunk in the English Channel with severe loss.

Jan. 4.-French troops capture Steinbach in

Alsace. Russians are victorious at Ardahan and Sarikamysh.

Jan. 7.-President of France issues decree

prohibiting the sale and transportation of

intoxicating liquors.

Jan. 9.-Germans recapture Steinbach and


Jan. 10.-Thirty bombs thrown by German

aeroplanes on Dunkirk.

Jan. 13.-Baron Burian, a Hungarian, succeeds Count Berchtold as Premier of


Jan. 14.-Germans win victory north of

Soissons, forcing the French retreat across

the Aisne.

Jan. 15.-Kirlibaba Pass taken by the Russians.


Jan. 16.-Turkish mine sinks French submarine Saphir in the Dardanelles.

Jan. 18.-La Bassee, center of fierce fighting,

victories alternating. The French advance within ten miles of Metz.

Jan. 19.-German airships raid English

towns on Norfolk coast.

Jan. 24.-German squadron is defeated by

British coast patrol in second attempt

to raid the English coast. German cruiser

Bluecher sunk.

Jan. 27.-Austrians recapture Uzsok Pass.

Jan. 28.-French defeated at Craonne.

Jan. 30.-Russians win Tabriz in victory

over Turks.

Feb. 1.-Germans recapture Borjimow,

driving the Russians back upon Warsaw.

Feb. 2.-The four outer forts of the Dardanelles are shelled by British and French


Feb. 4.-Germany declares waters surrounding the British Isles, except a passage

north of Scotland, to be a war zone after

Feb. 18.

Feb. 6.-The Lusitania flies American flag

in the "danger zone" under British


Feb. 9.-Russians repel heavy attack of the

Germans in the Carpathians.

Feb. 10.-U. S. Government protests against

Germany's "war zone" decree.

Feb. 12.-Belgian coast seaports raided by

thirty-four British aircraft.

Feb. 14.-German troops occupy Plock.

Feb. 16.-Forty British aviators again attack Belgium. Italy and Holland protest against "war zone" decree.

Feb. 18.-Germany declares "war zone"

decree to be in effect.

Feb. 19.-Great Britain suspends passenger

travel between England and the Continent.

Feb. 20.-American cotton-ship Evelyn is

sunk by mine off coast of Holland.

Feb. 23.-American steamer Carib is sunk

off the German coast.

Feb. 24.-Germans capture Przasnysz north

by west of Warsaw.