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Sept. 3.-French Government removed from

Paris to Bordeaux.

Sept. 5.-Great Britain, France and Russia

agree not to treat for peace separately.

Rheims taken by Germans.

Sept. 7.-Germans reach extreme point of

their advance in first invasion of France,

and begin retreat.

Sept. 12.-German retreat halts on Aisne.

Sept. 14.-British auxiliary cruiser Carmania

sinks German armed cruiser Cap Trafalgar

off east coast of South America.

Sept. 16.-Russians retire from East Prussia.

Sept. 20.-Bombardment of Rheims Cathedral by Germans. British cruiser Pegasus

completely disabled while at anchor in

Zanzibar Harbor by German cruiser


Sept. 22.-British cruisers Aboukir, Hogue

and Cressy sunk by German submarine

in North Sea.

Sept. 28.-Germans bombard Antwerp's

first line of defense.

Oct. 5.-Belgian Government removed from

Antwerp to Ostend.

Oct. 7.-Japanese seize Caroline Islands.

Oct. 9.-Germans occupy Antwerp.

Oct. II.-German advance in Poland threatens Warsaw.

Oct. 12.-Martial law declared throughout

Union of South Africa on account of

mutinies by Boer leaders.

Oct. 13.-Belgian Government removed

from Ostend to Havre.

Oct. 15.-Ostend occupied by Germans.

Oct. 16.-British cruiser Hawke sunk by

German submarine.

Oct. 17.-Japanese cruiser Takachiho sunk

by torpedo in Kiauchau Bay.

Oct. 18.-Belgian army effects junction

with allied left. Beginning of battle from

Channel coast to Lisle.

Oct. 24.-Ten days' battle before Warsaw

ends in German defeat.

Oct. 27.-The Audacious, one of the new

British dreadnoughts, sunk by a mine off

the Irish coast.

Oct. 29.-Turkey begins war on Russia by

naval attacks on Black Sea ports.


Nov. 1.-German squadron defeated British

squadron off Coronel, Chili.

Nov. 5.-England and France declare war

on Turkey. Dardanelles forts bombarded.

Nov. 6.-Kiauchau surrenders to Japanese.

Nov. II.-Germans cross Yser Canal and

capture Dixmude.

Nov. 13.-Russians seize Tarnow, Krosno,

and Jaslo.

Nov. 18.-Officially reported that a launch

of U. S. S. Tennessee was fired on in harbor

of Smyrna, Turkey.

Nov. 21.-Russians capture Gumbinnen.

Nov. 22.-Turks gain victory over British

near Port Said, east of the Suez Canal.

Nov. 23.-Beginning of second Battle of

Ypres in the Argonne.

Nov. 24.-Russian victory concludes ten day battle in Poland.

Nov. 25.-British steamer Malachite sunk

near Havre by German submarine.

Nov. 26.-British predreadnought Bulwark

blown up in the Thames.

Nov. 27.-French gain strongholds along

line from the Channel to Muehlhausen.

Bombardment of Rheims effected.

Nov. 29.-Important positions captured by

Allies near Ypres. Russians seize Czernowitz.

Nov. 30.-Capture of Belgrade by Austrians

ends 126-day siege.

Dec. 3.-Germans take offensive position

between Ypres and Dixmude.

Dec. 5.-Allies successfully resist the German attack at Ypres.

Dec. 6.-Gerrmans capture Lodz and threaten Warsaw.

Dec. 8.-British battleship squadron meets

and destroys four German cruisers off

Falkland Islands. Only one German

cruiser escapes and this is pursued by the

British fleet. British force captures Kurna

in Turkey.

Dec. 10.-Von Moltke is succeeded by von

Falkenhayn as head of the German General Staff.

Dec. 12.-Austrians repulsed by Serbians at