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June 28.-Archduke Francis Ferdinand assassinated.

July 23.-Presentation of Austro-Hungarian

note to Serbia.

July 28.-War declared on Serbia by


July 30.-Partial mobilization of Russian

army. Belgrade bombarded by Austria-Hungary.

July 31.-General mobilization of Russian

army ordered. State of war declared in


Aug. 1.-War declared on Russia by Germany. Luxemburg invaded by Germany.

French cabinet orders general mobilization.

Aug. 2.-German troops enter France. German ultimatum to Belgium demanding

free passage for her troops. Russian

troops enter Germany.

Aug. 4.-Ultimatum sent by Great Britain

to Germany demanding an assurance that

the neutrality of Belgium shall be respected. Germans attack Liege. Mobilization of the British army. Germany

declared war on both Belgium and France.

Great Britain declared war on Germany.

Mobilization of Turkish army. President

Wilson issues proclamation of neutrality.

Aug. 5.-Lord Kitchener appointed British

Minister of War. German mine-layer

Koenigen Luise destroyed. First installment of British expeditionary force landed

on French coast. President Wilson tenders his good offices to the warring nations.

Aug. 6.-Austria-Hungary declared war on


Aug. 7.-Mobile Belgian military force withdrew from Liege, leaving forts occupied

by their permanent garrisons.

Aug. 8.-French advance into Alsace, occupying Altkirch. Italy reaffirms neutrality.

Aug. 9.-German warships Goeben and

Breslau took refuge in the Bosphorus.

French occupy Muelhausen.


Aug. 10.-France declares war on Austria-Hungary.

Aug. 12.-England declares war on Austria-Hungary. Sale of German warships

Goeben and Breslau to Turkey announced.

Aug. 14.-Mobilization of French army

completed and announced as being in

touch with the Belgians. Allies protested to Turkey against purchasing and

taking over the German warships Goeben

and Breslau.

Aug. 16.-Japanese issue ultimatum to Germany demanding evacuation of Kiauchau.

Russia issues proclamation promising reconstitution and autonomy of the Kingdom of Poland.

Aug. 16.-Landing of British expeditionary

force on coast of France completed.

Russian advance on Germany begun.

Aug. 17.-Belgian Government removed

from Brussels to Antwerp. Beginning of

a five days' battle in Lorraine, ending

in repulse of French across frontier with

heavy loss. Beginning of five days'

battle between Serbians and Austrians

on the Jadar, ending in Austrian rout.

Aug. 20.-Brussels occupied by Germans.

Belgian army retreats to Antwerp.

French reverses in Alsace.

Aug. 23.-Germans enter Namur and begin

attack on Mons. Japan declares war on

Germany, blockades and commences bombardment of Tsingtau. Germans destroy

three of Namur forts.

Aug. 24.-Fall of Namur announced.

Aug. 25.-Louvain destroyed by Germans.

German Zeppelin drops bombs on Antwerp. Muelhausen evacuated by French.

Aug. 26.-Non-partisan French cabinet organized. Germans take Longwy.

Aug. 28.-British fleet sinks five German

warships off Helgoland.

Sept. 2.-Russians defeat Austrians at Lemberg after seven days continuous fighting.