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the members of the League, shall be explicitly defined in each case by the Council.

A permanent commission shall be constituted to receive and examine the annual

reports of the mandataries and to advise the

Council on all matters relating to the observance of the mandates.


Subject to and in accordance with the

provisions of international conventions existing or hereafter to be agreed upon, the

members of the League (a) will endeavor to

secure and maintain fair and humane conditions of labor for men, women, and children, both in their own countries and in all

countries to which their commercial and industrial relations extend, and for that purpose will establish and maintain the necessary international organizations; (b) undertake to secure just treatment of the native

inhabitants of territories under their control; (c) will intrust the League with the

general supervision over the execution of

agreements with regard to the traffic in

women and children and the traffic in

opium and other dangerous drugs; (d) will

intrust the League with the general supervision of the trade in arms and ammunition

with the countries in which the control of

this traffic is necessary in the common interest; (e) will make provision to secure and

maintain freedom of communication and of

transit and equitable treatment for the commerce of all members of the League. In this

connection the special necessities of the

regions devastated during the war of 1914-18 shall be in mind; (f) will endeavor to take

steps in matters of international concern

for the prevention and control of disease.


There shall be placed under the direction

of the League all international bureaus already established by general treaties if the

parties to such treaties consent. All such

international bureaus and all commissions

for the regulation of matters of international

interest hereafter constituted shall be placed

under the direction of the League.

In all matters of international interest

which are regulated by general conventions,

but which are not placed under the control

of international bureaus or commissions, the

Secretariat of the League shall, subject to

the consent of the Council, and if desired

by the parties, collect and distribute all

relevant information and shall render any

other assistance which may be necessary or


The Council may include as part of the

expenses of the Secretariat the expenses of

any bureau or commission which is placed

under the direction of the League.


The members of the League agree to

encourage and promote the establishment

and cooperation of duly authorized voluntary national Red Cross organizations

having as purposes the improvement of

health, the prevention of disease, and the

mitigation of suffering throughout the



Amendments to this covenant will take

effect when ratified by the members of the

League, whose representatives compose the

Council and by a majority of the members

of the League whose representatives compose the Assembly.

No such amendment shall bind any

member of the League which signifies its

dissent therefrom, but in that case it shall

cease to be a member of the League.


1. Original members of the League of


Signatories of the Treaty of Peace:

United States of America, Belgium,

Bolivia, Brazil, British Empire, Canada,

Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, India,

China, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Ecuador,

France, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Hedjaz,

Honduras, Italy, Japan, Liberia, Nicaragua,

Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Roumania,

Serb-Croat-Slovene State, Siam, Uruguay.

States invited to accede to the covenant:

Argentine Republic, Chile, Colombia,

Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay,

Persia, Salvador, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela.

II. First Secretary General of the League

of Nations: Sir Eric Drummond.