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In any case under this article the award

of the arbitrators shall be made within a

reasonable time, and the report of the

Council shall be made within six months

after the submission of the dispute.


The members of the League agree that

whenever any dispute shall arise between

them which they recognize to be suitable

for submission to arbitration and which

cannot be satisfactorily settled by diplomacy, they will submit the whole subject

matter to arbitration. Disputes as to the

interpretation of a treaty, as to any question

of international law, or as to the existence of

any fact which, if established, would constitute a breach of any international obligation, or as to the extent and nature of the

reparation to be made for any such breach,

are declared to be among those which are

generally suitable for submission to arbitration. For the consideration of any such

dispute the court of arbitration to which the

case is referred shall be the court agreed on

by the parties to the dispute or stipulated

in any convention existing between them.

The members of the League agree that

they will carry out in full good faith any

award that may be rendered, and that they

will not resort to war against a member of

the League which complies therewith. In

the event of any failure to carry out such

an award, the Council shall propose what

steps should be taken to give effect thereto.


The Council shall formulate and submit

to the members of the League for adoption

plans for the establishment of a permanent

court of international justice. The court

shall be competent to hear and determine

any dispute of an international character

which the parties thereto submit to it.