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expenses of the International Bureau of the

Universal Postal Union.


The seat of the League is established at


The Council may at any time decide

that the seat of the League shall be established elsewhere.

All positions under or in connection with

the League, including the Secretariat, shall

be open equally to men and women.

Representatives of the members of the

League and officials of the League, when

engaged on the business of the League, shall

enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunities.

The buildings and other property occupied by the League or its officials, or by representatives attending its meetings, shall be



The members of the League recognize

that the maintenance of a peace requires the

reduction of national armaments to the

lowest point consistent with the national

safety and the enforcement by common

action of international obligations.

The Council, taking account of the geographical situation and circumstances of

each State, shall formulate plans for such

reduction for the consideration and action

of the several Governments.

Such plans shall be subject to reconsideration and revision at least every ten years.

After these plans shall have been adopted

by the several Governments, limits of armaments therein fixed shall not be exceeded

without the concurrence of the Council.

The members of the League agree that

the manufacture by private enterprise of

munitions and implements of war is open

to grave objections. The Council shall advise how the evil effects attendant upon

such manufacture can be prevented, due

regard being had to the necessities of those

members of the League which are not able

to manufacture the munitions and implements of war necessary for their safety.

The members of the League undertake

to interchange full and frank information as

to the scale of their armaments, their military, naval, and air programs and the condition of such of their industries as are

adaptable to warlike purposes.


A permanent commission shall be constituted to advise the Council on the execution of the provisions of Articles I and VIII,

and on military, naval, and air questions



The members of the League undertake

to respect and preserve as against external

aggression the territorial integrity and existing political independence of all members

of the League. In case of any such aggression or in case of any threat or danger of

such aggression, the Council shall advise

upon the means by which this obligation

shall be fulfilled.


Any war or threat of war, whether immediately affecting any of the members of

the League or not, is hereby declared a

matter of concern to the whole League, and

the League shall take any action that may

be deemed wise and effectual to safeguard

the peace of nations. In case any such

emergency should arise, the Secretary General shall, on the request of any member of

the League, forthwith summon a meeting of

the Council.

It is also declared to be the fundamental

right of each member of the League to bring:

to the attention of the Assembly or of the

Council any circumstance whatever affecting international relations which threatens

to disturb either the peace or the good understanding between nations upon which

peace depends.


The members of the League agree that if

there should arise between them any dispute likely to lead to a rupture they will

submit the matter either to arbitration or

an inquiry by the Council, and they agree

in no case to resort to war until three months

after the award by the arbitrators or the

report by the Council.