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In order to promote international cooperation and to achieve international peace

and security by the acceptance of obligations not to resort to war, by the prescription of open, just, and honorable relations

between nations, by the firm establishment

of the understandings of international law

as the actual rule of conduct among Governments, and by the maintenance of justice

and a scrupulous respect for all treaty obligations in the dealings of organized peoples

with one another, the high contracting

parties agree to this covenant of the League

of Nations.


The original members of the League of

Nations shall be those of the signatories

which are named in the annex to this covenant and also such of those other States

named in the annex as shall accede without

reservation to this covenant. Such accessions shall be effected by a declaration deposited with the Secretariat within two

months of the coming into force of the covenant. Notice thereof shall be sent to all

other members of the League.

Any fully self-governing State, dominion,

or colony not named in the annex may become a member of the League if its admission is agreed to by two-thirds of the

Assembly, provided that it shall give effective guarantees of. its sincere intention to

observe its international obligations, and

shall accept such regulations as may be

prescribed by the League in regard to its

military, naval, and air forces and armaments.

Any member of the League may, after

two years notice of its intention so to do,

withdraw from the League, provided that

all its international obligations and all its

obligations under this covenant shall have

been fulfilled at the time of its withdrawal.


The action of the League under this covenant shall be effected through the instrumentality of an Assembly and of a Council

with a permanent Secretariat.


The Assembly shall consist of representatives of the members of the League.

The Assembly shall meet at stated intervals and from time to time, as occasion may

require, at the seat of the League, or at

such other place as maybe decided upon.

The Assembly may deal at its meetings

with any matter within the sphere of action

of the League or affecting the peace of the


At meetings of the Assembly each member of the League shall have one vote, and

may have not more than three representatives.


The Council shall consist of representatives of the United States of America, of the

British Empire, of France, of Italy, and of

Japan, together with representatives of

four other members of the League. These

four members of the League shall be selected by the Assembly from time to time

in its discretion. Until the appointment of

the representatives of the four members of

the League first selected by the Assembly,

representatives of (blank) shall be members

of the Council.

With the approval of the majority of the

Assembly, the Council may name additional

members of the League, whose representatives shall always be members of the Council; the Counccil with like approval may increase the number of members of the League

to be selected by the Assembly for representation to the Council.

The Council shall meet from time to

time as occasion may require, and at least