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has been consecrated by the prayers and

pilgrimages of multitudes of devout people

of these three religions for many centuries,

therefore do I make it known to you that

every sacred building, monument, holy spot,

shrine, traditional site, endowment, pious

bequest, or customary place of prayer of

whatsoever form of the three religions will be

maintained and protected according to the

existing customs and beliefs of those to

whose faith they are sacred.

"Guardians have been established at

Bethlehem and on Rachel's Tomb. The

tomb at Hebron has been placed under

exclusive Moslem control.

"The hereditary custodians at the gates

of the Holy Sepulchre have been requested

to take up their accustomed duties in remembrance of the magnanimous act of Caliph

Omar, who protected that church."

From this proclamation it will be seen that

Allenby was careful to avoid arousing Moslem hatred. Some of his own forces, in

fact, were Arabs who held that faith. For

much of Arabia was in revolt against Turkish

rule, and the King of the Hedjaz led a force

which cooperated effectively with the

British army.

The defeated Turks and Teutons retired

north of the city and, for some months,

comparative quiet ensued on the Palestine

Front. But this was not to be the last good

news from the Holy Land.

In the autumn of 1917, aerial warfare

became more ferocious than ever before, and

all the belligerents speeded up the making

of aeroplanes in order to make this arm of the

service more important than in the past.

During the full moon period between September 24 and October I, there were six

important German air raids on London.

Fifty-two men, women, and children were

killed outright, and 258 were wounded. No

material damage to military or munition

establishments was inflicted, and the only

result accomplished was to arouse among

the English people a clamorous demand for

reprisals. The destruction wrought by one

aeroplane in a narrow street was thus described :

"The noise of gunfire was the first warning

which the people of the district received, and

but for the fact that sufficient time passed

before the sudden terror of the bombing to

enable the majority of the inhabitants to

take shelter, the casualty list must have been

far larger than it actually was. The aeroplane

flew in an oblique direction across the many

intersecting streets, and bombs were dropped

at distances of about two hundred yards


"The first bomb fell in a street. A

moment later the second crashed into the

side of another road with destructive effect.

A great hole was scooped-out in the ground.

The fronts of two-story houses opposite were

partially shattered and in most of the other

houses in the street glass was smashed, woodwork hurled inward, and the contents of

rooms displaced.

"A girl was just entering the doorway of a

house near the explosion and she was killed