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and the efforts of the French and British

from the south failed to effect a sufficient

diversion, though both efforts produced

victories, that of the Russians resulting

in the gaining of much ground and the

capture of many prisoners. Late in October, the Bulgarian forces and their Teutonic allies joined hands in the narrow

strip of eastern Servia that lies between

Bulgaria and Hungary. The news was

announced to the world as follows:

"The Austro-Hungarian, Bulgarian, and

German comrades have met on the Balkan

heights. In the twilight of October 26,

in the rugged Dobravado Mountains, where

the patrols of the Allied Powers were

looking out for each other, there suddenly

appeared two Bulgarian officers and twenty-five men.

"All were splendid soldiers and well

equipped. A majority of them were veterans who had fought in the Balkan War

against Servia. They were led by Lieutenant Gateyev. They were given an

enthusiastic welcome by the soldiers of

the Central Powers.

"The military commanders and

Duke of Mecklenburg hastened to the

place northeast of Brza Palanka, near the

town of Milutinovitsk, where the historical

meeting of the east and west took place.

Later there was a brilliant parade in the

conquered Servian fortress of Kladovo.

"Resounding cheering and the national

anthems were heard from the opposite

bank of the Danube, where the Roumanian population listened to the celebration

of the inauguration of the new passage

from Germany through Austria-Hungary

and Bulgaria into Turkey."

Munitions of war in large quantities

had already been collected in barges on

the Danube, and in a few days were on

their way down the river to the Turks,

whose supplies were becoming very short.

The railway to Constantinople was

quickly restored to running order, and

soon passengers could go by rail from