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farms, and so make sure that these territories would not similarly be taken away

from Turkey. In order to accomplish

this great reform, it would not be necessary

to murder every living Christian. The

most beautiful and healthy Armenian

girls could be taken, converted forcibly

to Mohammedanism, and made the wives

or concubines of devout followers of the

Prophet. Their children would then automatically become Moslems and so strengthen the empire, as the Janissaries had

strengthened it formerly. These Armenian girls represent a high type of womanhood and the Young Turks, in their crude,

intuitive way, recognized that the mingling

of their blood with the Turkish population

would exert a. eugenic influence upon the

whole. Armenian boys of tender years

could be taken into Turkish families and

be brought up in ignorance of the fact

that they were anything but Moslems.

These were about the only elements,

however, that could make any valuable

contributions to the new Turkey which

was now being planned. Since all precautions must be taken against the development of a new generation of Armenians,

it would be necessary to kill outright all

men who were in their prime and thus

capable of propagating the accursed species.

Old men and women formed no great

danger to the future of Turkey, for they

had already fulfilled their natural function

of leaving descendants; still they were

nuisances and therefore should be disposed

of." The preparations were carefully made

and were carried out with a ruthless efficiency hitherto unknown among the


Those who had possession of the

Turkish Government seem to have contemplated the massacres for some time but

they hesitated to carry out the policy until

a favorable moment arrived. This moment

came in the month of April, 1915. The war