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only about twenty thousand were of the

white race.

On the Entente side, Russia possessed

more than four times as much European

territory as did her two enemies combined, and her European population

alone exceeded their combined populations

by twenty millions. France lacked only

two or three thousand square miles of

being as large as Germany, but her population was almost thirty millions less. The

British Isles contain 121,000 square

miles, and supported a population of over

forty-five millions, or a little less than that

of Austria-Hungary. The area of Belgium

was 11,373 square miles, and her population about eight millions. Servia contained 33,891 square miles, inhabited by

about four and a half millions of people.

Little Montenegro had 5,603 square miles,

and half a million of people. Neither

Servia nor Montenegro, however, could

count upon the absolute loyalty of all their

people, as many of them had been added

only a short time before, after the war

with Turkey.

The European population of the Allies

amounted, then, to a grand total of about

two hundred and forty millions, or almost

exactly double that of the Central Powers.

Outside of Europe, the Allies owned about

two-fifths of the land of all the world,

and their colonists and subject peoples

were numbered by the hundreds of millions.

It was evident, however, that each side

must depend for its fighting men mainly

upon its home people, though it was certain

that France would be able to draw some

troops from Algeria and her other African

possessions, Russia from the thirty million

inhabitants of Siberia, and Great Britain

from Canada, Australasia, India, South

Africa, and elsewhere. The total population of British blood in the British Empire

was, in fact, about equal to the total

population of Germany.

In the matter of wealth, also, the Allies

enjoyed a marked superiority. Great