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Queen.The London Mob.James leaves the King-

dom.A Bloodless Revolution.Revival of London.

Milton and Bunyan.Butler and Pepys.Dryden

and Boyle. .......:...... 1836-1851


Nature of the Period.Mazarin and the Boy Louis.

The Latter asserts Himself.He takes the Field.

Marries Princess Maria Theresa.The King takes the

Government upon Himself.Colbert.Difficulty of

French and Spanish Ambassadors."Spain humbled.

L'Etat c'est Moi.Absolutism of Louis XIV.Antagon-

ism of the King and William of Orange.Claim of the

Latter to the English Throne.The Crown given to

William and Mary.Their Characters.The Bill of

Rights. The English dissatisfied. The Uncourtly

William.Defeat of the Highlanders.Revolt in Ire-

land.War in that Country.Battle of the Boyne.

Duke of Mariborough in Command.The Catholic

Exodus.The Scotch reject Episcopacy.McDonald

of Glencoe.Massacre of the Clan.Affairs on the

Continent.Great Power of Louis.Turenne and Con-

de.Peace concluded.Splendor of Louis and his Court.

Madame de Maintenon.Aggressions of the French

King.TheTurkish Invasion.Sobieski repelstheOtto-

mans.Louis poses as the Grand Monarch.Revoca-

tion of the Edict of Nantes.Ascendency ofLouvois.

Persecution of the Huguenots.Horrors of the Dragon-

ade.League against France.Louis espouses the Cause

of the Jacobites.King William in Holland.Battle of

La Hogue.Naval Engagements of 1693.Crisis of

Louvain. Battle of Marsaglia. France well-nigh

ruined.Plot of Louis and Leopold.Attitude of Wil-

liam III.Siege of Namur.Treaty of Ryswick.

Distress of Spain.Charles of Austria and Philip of

Anjou.Who shall have the Spanish Crown?Bequest

to the Prince of Bavaria.Arrangements of France and

England.Duplicity of Louis.The Beaten Monarchs.

Philip acknowledged.Arrogance of the French King.

:Outbreak of the War of the Spanish Succession.

Prince Eugene beats the French.League-against

Louis.The Latter recognizes the Pretender.Queen

Mary dies.William III. follows.Sketch of Queen

Anne.She adopts the Policy of her Predecessor.

Churchill at the Hague.First Campaigns of the War.

Battle of Blenheim.Charles III. in the Peninsula.

Joseph 1. becomes Emperor.Flight of Philip V.

Revolts against Charles.Louis proposes Peace.

Haughtiness of the Allies.English Reverses.The

Pretender in Scotland.Battles of 1708.The Terrible

Winter.Campaigns of 1709.Philip V. regains the

Throne.The Death of Joseph changes the Problem.

Charles becomes Emperor.Fatality in the Family

of Louis.Treaty of Utrecht.Terms of the Settle-

ment.Accession of the House of Hanover.Old Age

Vbl. IV

of Louis.Advice to his Great-grandson.The Age ol

the Grand Monarch considered.^Supposed Literary

Glory.His Paternal System applied to Authors and

Artists.That System a Failure . . . . . 1851-1881


Who shall be Master of the North?Accession of the

House of Romanoff.Ivan and Feodor.Michael and

Alexis.Feodor III.Accession of Peter 1.Sketch of

his Youth.Force of his Administration.Enters the

Navy.Resides in Holland.His Studies in that Coun-

try and England.He begins his Reforms.Makes

Alliances.Course of Events in Sweden.Youth of

Charles XII.He begins badly.Is aroused to Action.

Joins Frederick of Holstein.Conquers Denmark.

-Peter at Narva.Charles raises the Siege.Defeats

the Poles.Venus in his Camp.Rally of Peter.

' Battle of Fraustadt.-Double-dealing of Augustus.

The Emperor and Mariborough.Charles invades Rus-

sia.-Turns into the Ukraine.-Battle of Poltava.

Charles at Bender.The S,ultan joins him.Catharine

bribes the Turk.Intrigues of Charles at Constanti-

nople.He is ordered out of the Turkish Dominions.

Scenes at Bender.Plans of the King.He returns to

Sweden.-Defends Stralsund.Makes a Second Starid.

Schemes of Baron Gortz.His Plan divulged.

Death of Charles XII.Comments on his Career.

Methods and Character of .Peter.St. Petersburg

founded.Marriages of the Czar.Treaty of Nystad.

Peter as a Civilizer His Death . . . . 1882-1896


New France, or Canada.Hardships of the Pilgrims.

Their Relations with the Indians.Samoset and

Squanto.Treaty with Massasoit.Standish and the

Natives.A .Bad Summer.New Settlements.The

Indians Friendly.Cape Ann and Salem.Develop-

ment of Massachusetts Bay.Winthrop Governor.

Boston Founded.The Ballot-box introduced.-Peters

and Vane.Colonies at Concord and on the Connecti-

cut.Career of Anne Hutchinson.Founding of Har-

vard College.The Printing-press.Growth of New

England.The Union.The Puritans favor the Com-

monwealth.-The Protector's Friendship.-Coming of

the Quakers.They are persecuted.The Regicides in

America.Commissioners sent to New England.

Philip's War.Consolidation, of the Colonies under

Andros.Wars.-History of the Salem Witchcraft.

Expedition against Port Royal.Subsequent History

of Massachusetts.The Dutch on Manhattan Island.

Beginning of Civil Government.The Charter of Privi-

leges.The Patroons' Estates.Swedish Colony on the

Delaware. Stuyvesant Governor. Patents of the