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of the King.Ascendency of Cecil.Conspiracy in

Favor of Arabella.Protestantism of James.History

of the Gunpowder Plot.Details of the Scheme.Guy

Fawkes.The Conspirators uncovered.They are exe-

cuted. Nature of the Union. Administration of

James.Story ofCarr.Death of Cecil.End of Wal-

ter Raleigh.Career and Work of Francis Bacon.The

Great Trial.James, a Man of Peace.Marriage Proj-

ects.Henrietta Maria and Prince Charles.The

Bohemian War.Death of James.Translation of the

Bible.Betterment of Ireland.Character of Charles 1.

Buckingham and the Queen.Impracticality of the

Stuarts.Charles would reduce the House of Commons.

War with France.Assassination of Buckingham.

Ascendency ofStrafford andLaud.Parliamentrefuses

Supplies.Sketch of the Star Chamber.Charles would

use this Court.Tonnage and Poundage Scheme.The

King a Thorough Protestant.The League and Cove-

nant.Revolt of the Men of the North.Parliament

convened.Bad Humor of that Body.Battle of New-

burn.Puritanism in the House.Attack on Strafford.

Bill of Attainder passed.Dilemma of the King.

Execution of Strafford.Fall of Laud.Defiant Acts of

Parliament.Charles in Scotland.Rebellion in Ire-

land.Action of the Commons.The Anti-Stuart

Party.Episcopacy and the State.Portents of Civil

War................. 1787-1809


Parliament becomes Puritan.Life of John Hamp-

den.Early Years of Oliver Cromwell.He appears in

Parliament.Warwick's Sketch.Career of Sir Henry

Vane.Other Leaders.Charles would arrest the Mem-

bers.Outbreak of Civil War.Party Names.Philo-

sophical Divisions.The Legal-Reform Party.-The

Political-Revolutionary Party.Guizot's Outline.

Episcopacy supports the King.Presbyterians with

the Politico-Revolutionists.Independents with the

Levelers.Commanders on Both Sides.The King at

Nottingham.Nobility lends its Resources.Battle of

Edgehill.Siege of Reading.Successes of the Royal-

ists.Character of the Recruits.Popular Sympathy

with the Republicans.Gains of the Puritan Cause.

Parliament leagues with the Scots.Campaigns of

1643.Battle of Marston Moor.Rout of the Royal-

ists.Good Qualities of the King.Ruin of his Cause

at Naseby.Charles at Oxford.Arrogance of the Revo-

lution.Radicalism in Parliament.Ascendency of

Cromwell.Progress of the Republicans in the Field.

Charles delivers Himself to the Scots.Who sell him to

Parliament.His Rash Letter.He is taken to Triplow

Heath.End of Moderation.The King at Hampden

Court.He attempts to escape.His Imprisonment.

He meets the Commissioners.Cromwell expurgates

the House.Charles taken to Windsor.His Trial.

He is condemned and executed.Establishment of the

Commonwealth.Alarm occasioned by the King's

Death.Cromwell stamps out the Irish Rebellion.He

goes against the Scots.-That People support Prince

Charles.Battle of Dunbar.Recklessness of

Young Charles.Storming of Worcester.The Prince

escapes to France.-Prostration of his Cause.Foreign

Relations of the Commonwealth.Warwith the Dutch.

Second Purgation of Parliament.Cromwell's Will

Supreme.His New Parliament.Projects and Char

acter of the House.Establishment of the Protectorate.

The New Frame of Government.Arbitrary Rule.

Plots of Oliver's Enemies.Rigor and Virtue of the

Administration.Affairs in Ireland.Foreign Rela-

tions of England.Opposition of the Radicals.Aboli-

tion of the Military System.Shall Oliver be King?

Troubles of the Protector.Strength of his Govern-

ment.His Death.Richard in the Protectorate.His

Weakness.The Rump Parliament.Gog and Magog.

Vain Projects.Correspondence of Monk with

Charles.Summoning of Parliament.New Writs

issued.Project of the Restoration.The Rising

Tide.Return of Charles II.Social Condition of the

Kingdom ............... 1809-1836


No Guarantees required of the King.His Character.

His Ministry.Amnesty.-The Regicides excepted.

-Execution of Peters, Vane, and Harrison.-lnsult to

Cromwell's Remains.The Army disbanded.Act of

Uniformity passed.Failure of the Episcopal Scheme

in Scotland.Sale of Dunkirk.Collapse of Public and

Private Virtue.Puritanism to blame.The Reaction

against it.The Profligate Charles.War with Hol-

land.Battle of the Downs.Van Tromp's audacity.

The Year of Calamity.Fire and Pestilence.Clar-

endon Overthrown.Prince Rupert's Ministry.The

Cabal.Its Measures.Naval Battle with the Dutch.

The Danby Ministry.Policy of the Government.

Guizot's Review of the Situation.Comments on the

Reign of Charles IIFear of the Duke ofYork-The

Habeas Corpus Act.Titus Oates and the Popish Plot.

Popular Dislike of the King.Duke of Monmouth.

Catholic Conspiracies.The Rye House Plot.Death

of Charles.Evelyn's Sketch of his Character.James

II.His Intrigue with Rome.Monmouth's Rebellion.

He is executed.Career of Lord Jeffreys.Destruc-

tion of the Duke of Argyll.Discontent of the People.

Favor to the Catholics.Remonstrance of the Bish-

ops.Question of ..the Succession.Birth of the Pre-

tender.His Place in History.Correspondence with

Prince William.Folly of the King.Attempts Con-

ciliation in Vain.Purpose of the Prince of Orange.

He lands at Torbay.His Reception.Growth of

the Movement in his Favor.Flight of the King and

Vol. IV