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Capture of Prague.Seeming Extinction of Protestant-

ism.Eccentric Prince Christian.Apparition of Tilly.

Defeats and Victories of 1622.Destruction of Hei-

delberg.Spirit of the War.Desperate Condition of

Germany.France favors the Protestants.Also Eng-

land and Holland.Battle of Stadtioon.Peace Pos-

sible.Ferdinand and the Princes prevent it.Chris-

tian of Denmark leads the Protestants.He gathers an

Army.The Emperor jealous of Tilly.Rise ofWallen-

stein.His Character.He defeats Mansfeld.Tilly

does the Same for Christian.Low Ebb of the Protes-

tant Cause.John George's Humiliation.Schemes of

Wallenstein.Siege of Stralsund.Edict of Restitu-

tion.Rigor of its Enforcement.Animosity of Wal-

lenstein.The National Diet.Style of Wallenstein's

Court.He is deposed.Gustavus Adolphus appears

on the Scene.His War with the Poles.He enters

Pomerania.Poorly supported by Sweden.His Per-

son.Selfishness of the Protestants.Gustavus would

raise the Siege of Magdeburg.That City sacked by

Tilly's Butchers.Poltroonery of the Elector of Bran-

denburg.Gustavus gains Support.Battle ofLeipsic.

Rout of the Imperialists.Great Revival of the Prot-

estant Cause.Honor of the Swedes.Richelieu looks

out of the West.Assassination of d'Ancre.Rise of

Richelieu to Power.Battle ofCastelnaudary.Riche-

lieu fears Gustavus.Battle of the Lech.Death of

Tilly.Munich taken.Straits of Ferdinand.Wallen-

stein's triumph.He raises an Army.Battle of Zirn-

dorf.Division of the Imperialist Army.Ruin of Sax-

ony.Battle of Lutzen.Deathof Gustavus.Pappen-

heim slain.Wallenstein retreats.Convention at Heil-

bronn.Wallenstein in Silesia.He would be King of

Bohemia.His Officers swear to support him.A Trai-

tor to Traitors.The Tragedy at Eger.New Com-

manders.Victories of the Imperialists.Decline of the

Protestant Cause.Richelieu to the Rescue.A Seem-

ing Treaty.Bernhard and Banner fight for the Cause.

Louis XIII. supports them.Richelieu's Methods.

Character of Ferdinand.Affair of Breisach.Further

Successes of Bernhard and Banner.-Diet at Ratisbon.-

SchemeofBanner.Negotiations for Peace.Death of

Richelieu.Execution of Cinq-Mars and de Thou.

Coming ofTorstenson.Denmark humbled.Battle of

Tabor.Successes of the French.Battles ofTurenne.

Waning of the Imperial Cause.Congresses of Osna-

bruck and Munster.How shall the Members sit?

Last Movements of the War.Ferdinand yields.Peace

of Westphalia.Woes of Germany.Terms of the Set-

tlement.Progress of the Human Mind.Career of

Galileo.His Work.-Persecuted by the Church.Re-

lations with Barberini.Condemnation of the Philoso-

pher's Books'Humiliation of Greatness . 1729-176]


Interest of the Old World in the New.Narvaez ir

the Country of the Gulf.Hardships of his Band.D<

Soto.- His Preparations.His Voyage.The Marcl

into the Indian Country.Fighting and Hardships.

The Mississippi discovered.De Soto's Band in thi

West.The Spaniards desperate.Death of De Soto

Melendez sent out.St. Augustine's Day.Pizarrc

in Central America.He invades Peru.Subverts th<

Empire.Gilbert and Raleigh.The Former in Nev

England.Raleigh sends out Amidas and Barlow.

Virginia named.Excitement in England.Colony o

Ralph Lane.Raleigh assigns his Rights.Voyage an(

Explorations ofGosnold.Sassafras Trade.The Lon

don and Plymouth Companies chartered.Leaders o

the Enterprise.Method of Government.The Ply

mouth Company make a Failure.The Londoners sue

ceed.Jamestown founded.John Smith in New Eng

land.Pilgrims in Holland.They seek a Refuge in ;

New World.Difficulties of the Enterprise.Voyage o

the Mayfiower.The Pilgrim Compact.Founding o

Plymouth.Terrors of the Winter.First Voyages o

Hudson.He turns to America.Ascends the River o

New York.His Second Voyage.End of his Career.

New Amsterdam founded.Explorations of Block an<

Mey.Colonization of Connecticut.Enmity of Ply

mouth and New Netherlands.Boston sends out a Col

ony.Teachings of Roger Williams.He is driven inti

Exile.Plants Rhode Island.His Early Life.Cole

nization of New Hampshire.Clayborne in the Chesa

peake.He plants Settlements.Enterprise of Balti

more.He tries Newfoundland.Founds a State o:

the Chesapeake.Magnanimity of the Founder.

Name of Maryland.Cecil Calvert plants St. Mary's.-

Heath's Patent.Virginians colonize Carolina.Albf

marle County Colony.West and Sayle found Charles

ton.First Colonists in New Jersey.Berkeley an

Carteret Proprietaries.Name of New Jersey.Pen

looks to the West.He obtains a Charter.His Pui

poses.Markham establishes a Colony on the Delawar<

Extent ofPenn's Dominion.Sketch of his Life.H

arrives in Pennsylvania.His Treaty with the Indiani

Faith of the Red Men.Founding ofPhiladelphia.-

Its growth.The Philanthropist Oglethorpe.Whs

he would do for English Debtors.The Name of Geoi

gia.Sketch of the Founder.Planting ofSavannah.-

Summary of Results .......... 1761-178



Philosophy of the Revolution considered.Why in

England First?Strength of Monarchy in the Island.

Vol. IV

A Half-way Reformation.Growth of the House <

Commons. Audacity of Thought. James Stuai

named for the Throne.His Character.Unpopularit