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rors and Death of Charles IX.Henry III. takes the

Throne.Civil War breaks out.-Alencon would take

the Netherlands.Extinction of Royal Houses.Posi-

tion of Henry of Navarre.Death of Conde.Exposure

of the Government.Mob in Paris.Assassination of

Guise.Reconciliation effected.Henry III. assassin-

ated.Accession of Henry IV.The New Calendar.

The King driven from Paris.Battle of lvry.Henry

besieges Paris.He abjures Protestantism.Is accepted

as King.Treaty with Spain.Grief of the Huguenots.

Edict of Nantes.Characterof Henry IV.Blessings

of Peace.Maria de Medici.Assassination of Henry.

Temper of Paris.Ferdinand chosen Emperor.The

Council of Trent adjourns.Its Dogmas and Edicts.

Religious Condition of the Empire.Aggressions of the

Turks.Struggle of the Teutonic Knights.Maximil-

ian II.Story ofGrumbach.Death of the Emperor.

Rudolph II.His Enmity to Protestantism.Affair of

Cologne.Forbearance of the Protestants.Kepler

and Brahe.An Impending Conflict.The Union and

the League.Rise of Matthias.Edward VI. in Eng-

land.Policy of Somerset.The Reformation pro-

moted.The English espouse Protestantism.Mar-

riage Plan for Edward.Mary Stuart sent to France.

Conspiracy of Seymour.Project of Warwick.The

King breaks with Mary.Suppression of Monasteries

and Nunneries.Overthrow of Somerset.Warwick

would make Jane Grey Queen.The King approves.

Edward dies.Character of the Age.Cranmer and

the English Church."The Mock Reign of Lady Jane.

E.nd of Northumberland.Character of Queen Mary.

Beginning other Reign.Pole sent to England.Mary

serves the Church.She is betrothed to Philip.The

Wyatt Insurrection.Execution of Lady Jane.The

Royal Marriage.Plot to extirpate Heresy.Burning

of Latimer and Ridley.Cranmer at the Stake.-A

Childless Queen.Philip becomes King of Spain.:

Death of Mary.Accession of Elizabeth.Her Char-

acter.Her Great Talents.The Religious Reaction..

Who shall have the Queen's Hand?Shadow of Mary

Stuart.The Latter at Edinburgh.John Knox and

the Scotch Reformation.Elizabeth and her People.

Her Great Ministers.Many Suitors but no Marriage.

Not so with Mary Stuart.She marries Darnley.

Story of Rizzio.Destruction of Darnley.Mary mar-

ries Bothwell.Her Overthrow.End of Bothwell.

Mary flies to England.What shall Elizabeth do with

her?Intrigue of the Papal Party.Mary and Norfolk.

Plots of the Former.Dilemma of Elizabeth.St.

Bartholomew.Ballard's Conspiracy.Condemnation

of Mary.Her Last Days.She is executed.Resent-

ment of James.The Catholic World versus Elizabeth.

The Invincible Armada prepared.Mettle of, the

Queen.Her Preparations.Coming of the Armament.

Howard's Method of. Defense.The Great Battle.

The Retreat and the Pursuit.Triumph of England.

Essex and Raleigh.Hold of the Former on the Queen.

He is sent to Ireland.His Failure.His Impetuous

Folly.-Loses his Self-control.Rebels.-Is impris-

oned.His Condemnation.Story of the Ring.Exe-

cution of Essex.Despair and Death of the Queen.

James VI. for the Succession.Hume's Comments on

the Character of Elizabeth.Religious Results.New

Sects developed.Rise of Puritanism.Their Exile.

Intellectual Glory of the Elizabethan Age.Sketch of

Literature from Time of Henry VIII.Spenser.

Shakespeare.His Contemporaries. Bacon in Particu-

lar.Splendor of the Time.Sketch of Philip II.His

Accession.Character.The Hollow Lands.Taine's

Description of the Country.Wealth of Netherlands.

The People Protestants.The Inquisition tried.

Duchess of Parma.William of Orange.Philip's

Course toward the Netherlands.Interposition of Wil-

liam."Long live the Beggars!"The Moderation.

Outbreak of Hostilities.Alva sent on his Mission.

He deposes the Duchess.All the People condemned.

The Reign of Proscription.Death of Egmont and

Horn.The Sea Beggars.-Maximilian interferes.

William's Justification.Victones of the Spaniards.

The Sea Beggars hold out.Elizabeth supports the

Protestants.Work of de la Marck.The Dutch Re-

public.Policy of the French Court.Successes of Wil-

liam.War on the Icefields.Alva recalled.Reque-

sens succeeds.Triumph of the Dutch Fleet.Siege of

Leyden.The Dykes broken.Heroic Conduct.Rais-

ing of the Siege.Congress of Buda.Cities taken by

the Spaniards.Pacification of Ghent.The Perpetual

Edict.Career of Don John.Union of Brussels.

Reinforcements from England.Coming of Farnese.

A Varying Conflict.Part of the Duke of Anjou.

Fanaticism appears.Union of Utrecht.Congress of

Cologne.Division of the Provinces.Ban against Wil-

liam.Reply of that Prince.-His Ascendency.Act of

Abjuration.Progress of Parma.He is driven away.

Assassination of William.His Character.Maurice

of Nassau.Siege and Ruin of Antwerp.Elizabeth

supports Holland.Siege of Zutphen.Death of Sid-

ney.Dukes of Parma and Medina.End of Philip II.

Close of the War with. Netherlands.Feud of the

Protestants.Remonstrants and Anti-Remonstrants.

Career of Grotius-. . . . ...... 1651-1729


Variable Success of Protestantism.A General War

portends.Limits of the Conflict.Premonitions of the

Outbreak.Ferdinand as a Persecutor.Affair at Don-

auworth.-The Union and the League.-Who shall

haveJulich and Berg?Usurpation of Leopold.Quar-

rel of William and^Sigismund.The Protestants sup-

port Matthias.-Duke Ferdinand cjfStyria.The Em-

peror's Councilors thrown out of the Window.People

against Princes.The Revolt widens.^The War be-

gins.Vienna threatened.Ferdinand elected Emperor.

Insurgent Bohemia.-Unwisdom of Frederick V.

Vol. IV