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translates the New Testament.Returns to Witten-

berg.A New Ritual.Spread of the New Faith.

Career of Munzer.Luther quiets the Insurrection.

The Fanatics are dispersed.The German Language

fixed.Changes in the Papacy.Clement would sup-

press the Reformation.Doctrines of Luther.War of

Charles and Francis.The Latter makes a Compact

with the Pope.Signing of a Protest.Diet of Speyer.

Zwingli's Work in Switzerland.Conference of the

Reformers.Disagreement ofZwingli and Luther,



Rivalry of Charles V. and Francis 1.They Both

claim Italy.Henry VIII.His Character.He goes

to War with France.Makes Peace.Story of the

"Field of the Cloth of Gold."Hollowness of the Pag-

eant.Buckingham and Wolsey.Henry writes a

Book.Emperor Charles in England.He goes to War

with France.First Year of the Conflict.Chevalier

Bayard.Defection of Bourbon.Francis, besieges Pa-

via.He is defeated and captured.Charles would

make Terms with his Prisoner.Decline of the Latter.

He agrees to the Conditions."I am still a King."

The Treaty violated.The Pope and Henry VIII. side

with Francis.Death of Bourbon.Charles sorrows

for the Pope.The French Campaign in Italy.Terms

of the Settlement.Francis and his Court.Charles

Promises to suppress Heresy.Diet of Augsburg.The

Reformers' Creed.Charles supports the Church.

Ferdinand takes the German Crown.League of Smal-

cald.The Political Condition favors the Lutherans.

The Religious P(ace.The Turks threaten the Empire.

Siege of Vienna.Growth of Protestantism.The

Schismatic Tendency.Bad Logic of the Reformers.

A King of Zion comes.Simon Menno.Charles V.

invades Africa.Diet of Speyer.Treaty of Crepsy.

Council of Trent.Last Days of Luther. . 1614-1627


Henry VIII. and Emperor Charles.Cardinal Wol-

sey's Game.He plays double with Henry's Divorce

Project.The King puts Catharine away.Cranmer

serves him.Fall of Wolsey.Henry marries Anne

Boleyn.Foundation of an Ecclesiastical 'Revolt.

Birth of Elizabeth.-The Question between her and

Mary.The Pope declares the Former Marriage Valid.

The English Church breaks from Rome.Execution

of Sir Thomas More.Ruin of Queen Anne.The King

marries Jane Seymour.She dies.Cromwell selects

for him Anne ofCleves.She disappoints her Master.

He takes Catharine Howard Instead.She is beheaded.

Catharine Parr the Last.Anglo-German Alliance.

Cardinal Pole sent to England.Suppression of the

Vol. IV

Monasteries.Assumptions of the King.Henry and

James V.Battle of Solway Moss.The King would

unite with Scotland.He becomes a Dotard.Queen

Catharine's Influence. Destruction of Surrey.

Henry's Death.The Crown goes to Edward.Nature

of English Protestantism.Renewal of War by France

and Spain.Henry overreached.Death of Francis 1.

Disappointment of Charles.He prepares to suppress

Heresy.Maurice of Saxony betrays the Protestants.

The Emperor victorious.Character of Alva.Rob-

bery of John Frederick.Philip of Hesse goes down.

Charles a Spaniard.The Augsburg Interim.It is re-

jected.Question of the Succession.Maurice returns

to Protestantism.The Tide turns.Charles takes to

Flight.The Revolution successful.Diet of Passau.

Apparition of the Crescent.Waning of the Imperial

Cause.Germany given up.Terms of Settlement.

Consideration of the Reformation.Philosophy of the

Movement.The New Church and the Old.Persecu-

tion by Protestantism.-The Subject considered by

Guizot.Despair of Charles.His Abdication.His

Residence in San Yuste.His Death.Reformation in

Switzerland.Appearance of John Calvin.His Feuds

in Geneva.Summary of his Theological System.

Results of Calvinism.-Burning of Servetus.Similar

Scenes in England.Fatal Mistakes of the Reformers.

What the World has gained.lEfforts of Rome to

reverse History.Career of Loyola.The Society of

Jesus.Policy of the Order.Zeal of the Jesuits.

Their Ambitions ........... 1627-1651


Character of the Period.Accession of Henry II.

Claude of Lorraine.Diana of Poitiers.Burning of

Heretics.War with the Empire.Invasion of Italy.

Siege of St. Quentin.Defeat of the French.As-

cendency of the Duke of Guise.Henry II. killed at

Tournament.Complication after his Death.Acces-

sion of Francis II.Rise of the Huguenots.Persecu-

tions against Them.Conspiracy in Ambois.Sketch

of the Huguenot Party.Opposed by the Guises.

Catharine de Medici in the Regency.Death of Francis

II.Affairs of the Court.The Triumvirate.Policy

of Catharine.Civil War threatened.The Outbreak.

Reign of Violence begun.Conde captured.Assas-

sination of Guise.Peacewith the Huguenots.Visit o<

Isabella and Alva.The Protestant Uprising.Battif

of St. Denis.Plot for the Destruction of the Hugue-

nots.Battle of Jarnac.Henry of Navarre.Colign:

at Court.Death of the Queen of Navarre.Colign:

shot.Massacre of St. Bartholomew.Character ol

the Tragedy.Charles IX. and his Mother.Othci

Massacres.Reaction.The News in Foreign Coun'

tries.Conduct of Elizabeth.The Huguenots extori

a Treaty.Prince Henry made King of Poland.Ter