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The Regency.Joanna and Durazzo.Invasion of

Italy.French Claims to Naples.Burgundy in the

Regency.Insurrection in Paris.Marriageof Charles.

He would invade England.Collapse of the Project.

The King becomes Insane.Fiery Nuptials.Fac-

tions of Burgundy and Orleans.Resort to Assassina-

tion.Acquittal of Burgundy.The Armagnacs.

House of Lancaster in England.Battle of Agincourt.

Question of the French Succession.Riot in Paris.

Reign of Treachery.Henry V. Regent of France.

Henry VI. inherits Two Crowns.The Dauphin pro-

claimed.Siege of Orleans begun.Battle of the Her-

rings.The Girl of Dornremy appears.Her Mission.

Inspiration of the Soldiers.Coronation of Charles.

Subsequent Career of Joan.Her Execution.Quarrel

of the English and Burgundians.Charles VII. in Paris.

Prince Louis.Affairs in the East.Accession of

Louis XLHe renounces Burgundy.Charles the

Bold.Expiring Struggle of Feudalism.Insurrection

in Flanders.Louis imprisoned.Peronne!War in

Picardy.St. Pol.Edward IV. invades France.

Aggression of Charles the Bold.His Death.Revolt

of Ghent.Duchess Mary.Her Daughter betrothed

to the Dauphin.Last Days of Louis XI.The French

King and the French People.-Quotations from Guizot,



The Interregnum.Broken Condition of Germany.

Rudolph of Hapsburg.His War with Ottocar.

Policy of Rudolph.The National Peace.The Ban-

ditti suppressed.The Election of Albert as Emperor.

His Policy.Break of the Empire with Rome.Mur-

der of Albert.Vengeance of the Empress.Election of

Henry VII.Trouble with the Free Cities.War with

Italy.Colonna and Orsini.Death of the Emperor.

Civil War in Germany.Morgarten.Muhldorf.

Louis of Bavaria.His Opponents.Louis crowned at

Rome.His Superstition.Philip VI. claims the Em-

pire.League of England and Germany.The Black

Death.Policy of the German Electors.Charles IV.

He founds the University of Prague.Sells Italy.

Diet of Metz.The Golden Bull.The Papacy returns

to Rome.Charles IV. and the Succession.Hanseatic

League.Wenceslaus.Leopold and the Swiss.The

Pass ofSempach.Story ofWinkelreid.The Suabian

Cities overthrown.Character of Wenceslaus.Rupert

chosen Emperor.He is defeated.The League of

Marbach.The Teutonic Knights and Poles.Impe-

rial Disintegration.Election of Sigismund.Religious

Uprising of the Bohemians.Appearance of Huss and

Jerome.Schism in the University.Huss excommu-

nicated.He is expelled.A Council called.The As-

sembly at Constance.Method of Proceeding.New

Pope elected.Condemnation of Huss.He is burned.

Vol. IV

Jerome also.Adjournment of the Council.Found-

ing of Hohenzollern.Insurrection in Prague.Calix-

tines and Taborites.John Ziska.Victory of th(

Insurgents.Reign of License.The Imperial Armici

marshaled. Ziska Triumphant. His Death.'Th<

Popular Cause under Fanaticism.Council of Basel.

End of the Great Insurrection.Death of Sigismund.

Albert II.Frederick III.The Church would reform

Herself..ZEneas Sylvius.Troubles in Switzerland.

Battle of St. James.Albert Achilles.Hunniades anc

Corvinus.Feudalism in Germany.Overthrow of th(

Teutonic Knights.Frederick and Charles the Bold.

Battle of Granson.Affair in Flanders.Humiliatior

of Frederick.Who shall have Anna of Brittany?

Dawn of the Modern Era.Invention of Printing

Gutenburg and Faust.Spread of the Invention,



Accession of Edward 1.Career of Wallace.Th<

Younger Bruce.Work of Gaveston.Battle of Ban-

nockburn.-Hugh Spencer.Relations of England and

France.Mortimer and the Queen.Deposition oi

King Edward.Series of Crimes.Humbling of Bruce

Queen Philippa.CharacterofEdward.TheFrencI

Complication.End of Mortimer.Edward's War witi-

Scotland.He invades France.The Black Prince ir

Normandy.Battle of Crecy.Siege of Calais.Stor^

of the Burghers.Capture of Bruce.The Black Death

Renewal of the War with France.-Battle of Poitiers

Capture of John.Distractions of the French Re-

gency.Liberation of John.His Return to Captivity,

Affairs of Spain.Death of the Black Prince.Ris<

of the English Tongue.Reign of Richard II.Wat

Tyier's Insurrection.Death of the Insurgent.Weak-

ness of the King.John of Gaunt covets the Crown oi

Castile.Conspiracy against Richard II.Battle oi

Otterburn.Taking off of Gloucester.Bolingbrok(

and Norfolk.Henry of Lancaster in Rebellion.H<

takes the Throne.Wickliffe and his Work.Chaucci

and Gower.The Plantagenet Family Complication.

Rebellion against Henry IV.Northumberland anc

Douglas.Battle of Shrewsbury.End of Glendower

Affair of Skipton Moor.Battle of Bramham Moor

The Stuart Dynasty in Scotland.Captivity ofPrinc<

James.Griefs of Henry IV.The Valiant HalHi

becomes King.The Lollard Heresy.Burning as ar

Argument.Henry V. reforms Himself.Fall of Cob-

ham.Henry claims France.Agincourt.Factions o

Orleans and Burgundy.Preparations for an Englisi

Succession.Ca^iarine's Son in Paris.The Reaction

Policy of Henry V.Accession of Charles VII.Sieg<

of Orleans.Joan of Arc.The French King trium

phant.Reign of Henry VI.Beaufort and Gloucester

The Latter murdered.The Duke of York deposed