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In 1280, two years before the expiration of the

truce, some Moslem traders plying their vocation in the coast towns and villages of Palestine were attacked and robbed by bands of

marauding Christians. After demanding redress and obtaining none, the sultan of Egypt

cut short the existing order by raising an

army and renewing the conflict. The Latin

outposts were cut off one by one until Tripoli,

the last remaining fief of the crown of Jerusalem, was taken and garrisoned by the Moslems. From year to year he continued his aggressions until the mere foothold in the fortress of Acre was

all that remained under the shadow of the Cross in Syria. It was a strange spectacle even in

these strange times of lawlessness and rapine, to behold the Christians thus pent-up in a single town, still

displaying the spirit of aggression. It is the duty of History to record that the last Crusaders in Palestine were as brave and reckless as the first. Notwithstanding their feebleness, these strange warriors of the Middle Ages availed themselves of every opportunity to sally forth and attack the Moslem merchants whom chance or interest drew into the vicinity of Acre. This policy was continued until the Sultan Khatil,

then reigning in Cairo, enraged at the audacity of these remaining soldiers of the Cross, swore

by the name of Allah and his Prophet that he would exterminate the last Christian dog

within the limits of his dominions. He

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