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presence of his nobles and attendants the provision of his will by which the crown was to

descend to William of Normandy. "Ye know right well, my lords," said he, "that I

have bequeathed my kingdom to the Duke of

Normandy; and are there not those here who

have plighted oaths to secure William's succession?"

Again it is said that in the last scene

the dying king named Prince Harold as his

successor. Be that as it may, Edward died in January of 1066, and the question of the

succession remained to be decided by the rival

claimants to the crown.

We are now in the day-break of the Norman conquest of England. That great event

will be fully narrated in the succeeding Book.

Here for the present we pause. The narrative will be resumed at the proper place, beginning with the death of Edward the Confessor and the consequent struggle of Harold

and William for the English crown.