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intellectual attainments of the age. She was versed in languages; a

proficient in music, art, and literature. Her recklessness was equaled by

her ambition. Through all the wasteful extravagance and dissipations in

which she indulged with Antonius there ran a thread of policy which united

all her subordinate designs in a single great purpose, that of becoming

queen of the Roman Empire. In the way of this ambition stood the figure of

Octavianus. She clearly perceived that the world must be mastered by one,

not two. Or failing in this scheme of dominion, her next purpose was to

detach Antonius from the very recollection of Rome, and to fix him and his

court permanently at Alexandria. Thus at any rate would be established an

oriental monarchy having herself for its queen.

While the empire of passion thus flourished for a season in the East, the

empire of reason was instituted in the West. The influence of Octavianus

was constantly extended, and the