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endeavored to dissuade him, but he replied that he preferred death to exile

from that country which he had so often saved! The egotism of the great but

weak old man haunted him to death. When his pursuers were close at hand,

his servants endeavored to bear him away, but he was overtaken and killed

in his litter. His head was cut off and presented to Fulvia, the wife of

Antonius, and by her orders the protruding tongue was nailed with a bodkin

to a post in the Forum. "Now," said she, "wag no more!"

These events occupied the year B. C. 43. In the mean time Brutus and

Cassius had made their stand in Macedonia. Here for the last time the

Republic lifted its sword against the Empire-the Past against the Present.

Antonius went first with an army into Epirus, and was there joined by

Octavianus with another. The combined forces proceeded across Greece, where

the leaders of the opposition had thus far appeared more concerned about

spoils than for the overthrow of Caesarism. The two forces met at Philippi,

which place had already been pointed out to the superstitious mind of

Brutus by the specter of the murdered Julius as the spot where they should

meet again. Here two battles were fought, in the first of which