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at a predetermined signal, rushed suddenly upon the visitors, and each seizing

one of the Sabine women in his arms carried her off to his own house to be his

wife. It was the most whole- sale as well as the most summary courtship known to


Of course the Sabines were greatly enraged, and went to war to recover their

women. The towns of Caenina and Antemnae undertook to obtain redress, but were

quickly subdued by the Romans. Then the Sabines came with a large army, led by

their king, Titus Tatius, and laid siege to Rome. The citadel on the Capitoline

Hill was defended by Spurius Tarpeius. While the siege was progressing, his

daughter Tarpeia saw and admired the brace- lets worn by the Sabine soldiers.

Anxious to possess such ornaments herself, she offered to