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well pause to observe the rise and expansion of a great native dynasty on the ruins of Persia. After a few striking evolutions, and the lapse of a brief period, a new Asiatic dominion, known as PARTHIA, springs up as the representative State of the Iranic nations. With this Power the successors of Alexander contend in desultory and fruitless wars until what time the shadow of Rome, extending across Asia, reaches the Euphrates. Then, for two and a half centuries, the Mistress of the World shall find a barrier to her progress in the long lines of Parthian cavalry lying in the desert horizon of Mesopotamia. The Seventh Book will be devoted to the history of the PARTHIAN EMPIRE.

The next change of scene will be to the GRECIAN ARCHIPELAGO. In the Islands of the AEgean, and around the adjacent coasts of Asia Minor and Hellas, we shall see the Hellenic tribes establishing themselves and laying the foundations of the most brilliant civilization of the Ancient World. In this volume we shall have space only for a consideration of the race and physical characteristics of this wonderful people, their language, literature, art, and manners and customs.