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Overawes Sidon. Egypt goes to War. Battle of Eltekeh. The King overruns Judah. Deports the Israelites. Subdues Revolt in Babylon. Bad Faith of Hezekiah. Destruction of Sennacherib's Army. War with Media. Affair of Beth-Yakin. Defeat of the Malcontents of the South. Overruns Susiana. Battle of Chaluli. War with Cilicia. Monuments of Sennacherib. His Character. Esar-Haddon obtains the Throne. His Wars. Various Expeditions. Invades Edom. Conquers Bazu. Establishes Assyrian Authority in Egypt. Captures Manasseh. Accession of Asshur-Bani-Pal. Defeats Tirhakah. Egypt overrun by Ethiopians. Assyria Victorious. The King's other Wars. Restores Order in Susiana. Reduces that Country to a Province. Affairs in Lydia. The King defeats the Arabs. Decline of the Empire. War with Media. The Scythian Deluge. Ravages of the Barbarians. Accession of Saracus. Invasion of Assyria by Cyaxares. Overthrow of the Empire . . . 162-190


Assyrian Gods derived from Chaldaea. Asshur. His Powers and Emblems. Minor Deities. Place of Anu. Attributes and Symbols of Bel. Hea. The Moon god Sin. Shamas Vul. Ninus. His Emblems. Merodach. Nergal. Nebo. Assyrian Goddesses. Associated with Male Deities. Table of the Assyrian System. The Good Genius. The Evil Genius. Idolatry of the Assyrians. Assyrian Ethics. Religious Ceremonial. Feebleness of the System. Assyrian Learning derived from Babylon. Method of Writing. Tablets and Cylinders. Cuneiform Inscriptions. Sculpture. Trades and Manufactures. Skill of the Assyrians in Industrial Art ........ .191-200



General Features of Media. Natural and Political Boundaries. Mountain Ranges. Zagros and Elburz. Aspect of the Country. Median Rivers. Cheerless Landscapes. Poor in Water. Lake Urumiyeh. Provinces of Media. The Capital. Features of Ecbatana. Palace and Citadel. The Northern City. Rhaga. Charax. Other Towns. Rock of Behistun. The Median Climate. Extremes of Temperature. Atmospheric Phenomena. Influence of Mountains. Rare Rains. Whirlwind and Mirage. Forest Growth. Orchards. Products of the Soil. Crops of the Plateau. Gardens and Flowers. Mineral Wealth of Media. Wild Beasts. Domestic Animals. Birds. Fishes and Reptiles .......... .201-210


The People called Medes. Iranic Origin. Physical Type. Beauty and Strength of the Medes. Heroism. Horsemanship. Intellectual Qualities. Cruelty. Luxury. Warlike Disposition. Weaponry and Tactics. Median Dress. Toilet and Ornaments. Polygamy. Royal Ceremonial. Hunting. Animals Pursued. Median Banquets. The King's Life. Absence of Genius. Art of the Medes ....... 211-21S


The Aryan Speech. Affinities of the Median and Persian Languages. Few Remnants of Median Proper. Art of Writing. System of Alphabet. Arrowhead Method. Materials used. TheZendavesta. The Nature Worship of the Iranians. Priests. Ahura-Maz-dao. His Attributes. Sraosha. Armati. Spirit and Duty. The geusurva. Mithra and Vayu. Soma. Vol. I

Devas and Ahuras. Incoming of Dualism. Ahriman. Practical Ethics. Sacrifices. Eternal Things. Resurrection. Myth of King Yima. Legend of Thraetona. Common Myths of the Medes and the Greeks. System ofMagism. Sacred Elements. Disposal of the Dead. Divination. Insecticide. Impressiveness of the System ............... 216-224


The Madai. Obscure Origin. Beginning of National History. Early Relations with Assyria. Conquest of Media by Sargon. The Mythical Deioces. Appearance of Cyaxares. Organizes the Kingdom. Makes War on Assyria. Is Routed. Reorganizes his Army. The Invasion of Assyria again Undertaken. Incoming of the Scythians. They sene the Country. A Reign of Terror. Ended by the Butchery of the Scyths. Cyaxares negotiates with Babylon. Insurrection and Invasion join Hands. The Assyrians defeated. Overthrow of Nineveh. Division of the Empire. Other Wars of Cyaxares. Overruns Asia-Minor. Battle of the Eclipse. Peace made with Alyattes. Sketch of Lydia. Reign of Gyges. Sardis. Besieged by the Cimmerians. Alyattes expels the Barbarians. Gold of Sardis. The Three Powers of Western Asia. Period of Peace. Ambition of Necho. Battle of Carchemish. Character of Cyaxares. Reign of Astyages. He adds Cadusia to Media. Method of Government. Royal Ceremonial. Hunting. Magism. Rise of Persia. Cyrus at Ecbatana. Intrigue and Counter-plot. Prophecy. Cyrus flees. Median Invasion of Persia. Battles. Overthrow of the Medes. Reversal of the Position of the Two Kingdoms. Establishment of the Medo-Persian Power. Causes of the Catastrophe. Personal Influence of Cyrus ....... .224-238