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times omitted from Lists. The Goddesses Dar Kina and Beltis. Anata. Anunit. Zir-Banit. Nana. Varamit. Incitements to Planet Worship in Chaldaea. The Houses of the Zodiac. Primitive Religion and Primitive Science. What the Priest taught. What the Poet taught. What the Sage taught. Blending of the Three Revelations by the Chaldaean Seers .................... 132-140



Character of Upper Mesopotamia. Doubtful Boundaries. Probable Limits. Extent of Assyria Proper. Eastern Assyria. Its Rivers. The Two Zabs. Western Assyria. Its Streams. Aspect of Mesopotamia. The Country divided by Sinjar. The Two Slopes. Xenophon's Description. Imperfect Geography. Character of Aturia. Other Provinces. Western Districts. Wide Distribution of Ruins. Assyria Fortified by the Zagros and Armenian Mountains. On the West and South by Deserts. Southern Border exposed. Diversities of Climate. Phenomena of Eastern Assyria. Of Northern Mesopotamia. Of Central Mesopotamia. Great Changes of Temperature. Torrid Climate of Southern Assyria. Modified by Civilization. Striking Changes in Landscape. Ancient Advantages lost in Modern Times. Easy Irrigation of the Country. Assyrian Products. Enumeration of Things grown. Present Productions the same as those of Antiquity. List of Principal Products. The Manna. The Mineral Supply. The Wild Beasts of Assyria. The Wild Ass in Particular. Horses. Cattle. Camels and Dromedaries. Assyrian Birds. The Ostrich and the Partridge. Waterfowl and Birds of Prey Fishes ............. 143-153


The Assyrians Semites. Ethnic Place of the Race. Determined by Language and Tradition. Form and Feature of the People. Jewish Physiognomy. Brawny Character of the Assyrians. Like the Jews in Religious Belief. The Assyrians Warlike and Brave. Aggressive Disposition."Cruelty and Ferocity. A People of Pride and Haughtiness. Have the Reputation of Craft and Perfidy. Luxurious Habits. Pleasure the End of Life. Learning derived from the Chaldaeans. Superiority of the Assyrians in Government. Lacking in Scientific Knowledge. Assyrian Architecture considered. The Building Imagination. Assyria next to Egypt in Structure. Ruins of Nineveh. Description of the Mounds. The Ancient City. Its Relation to the Tigris. Size and Population of Nine veh. Mistaken Limits of the City. What should be included and what excluded. The Walls of Nineveh. The Gates. The Towers. Other Defenses. Difficulty of reconstructing the Ancient City. Ruins of Calah. General Character of Nimrud. Wasted by the Tigris. Royal Palaces. Described by Xenophon. Khorsabad. The Mounds. Wall. Ruins of Keremles. And of Asshur. The Site and Surroundings. Other Ruins. Building Activity of the Assyrians ................. 153-161


Colonization of Assyria. Babylonian Origin. Data of Early History. Table of Dynasties and Kings. The Chronology. Legendary Period. Prehistoric Glimpses. Asshur Upallit and the Chaldaean Rulers. The Period Succeeding. Shalmaneser 1. establishes Empire on the Tigris. Tiglathi Adar the True Founder of Assyria. Reduces Chaldaea to Dependence. The Succession broken. Bel-Kudur's War with Babylon. Reign of Asshur Dayan. Mutaggil and Ris-llim. Foreign Wars. Chronicle of Tiglath-Pileser 1. His Great Wars. The Surrounding Nations are Conquered. Personal Exploits of Tiglath. A Builder of Temples. Specimen of his Inscriptions. An Uncertain War with Babylon. Continuance of same under Bil-Kala. Period of Decadence. Reputation of Assyria. Revival of the Empire under lziral. His Conquests. Riches and Glory of Nineveh. lzirPal's Palace at Calah. The Cities flourish. Shalmaneser II. maintains the Fame of his Father. His Syrian Wars. Conquers Damascus. Patronizes Architecture and Letters. The Black Obelisk. Civil War of Danin Pal and Shamus Vul. Reign of the Latter. His Campaigns. Conquest of Babylon. Character of Shamus-Vul. Reign of Vul-Lush III.-Relics of his Time. Legend of Semiramis. Decay and Luxury following Vul-Lush III. Doubtful Dynasty of Pul. Assyria and Israel. Tiglath-Pileser II. reigns. A Reformer. Reduces Babylon. Makes War on Samaria and Judah. Supports Ahaz against Rezin of Damascus. Carries off the Israelites. Overawes all Syria. Rebellion of Hoshea. Shalmaneser II. reigns. Affairs in Egypt. The Assyrian King defeats Hoshea. Besieges Tyre. Revolution headed by Sargon. The Latter reduces Susiana and Babylon. Defeats the Assyrian Allies. Comes in Conflict with Egypt. Battle of Raphia. Subdues the Arabs. Puts down Revolts in Philistia. Suppresses the Insurrection of Merodach-Baladan Holds Sway at Babylon. Bad Success in Armenia. Interferes in Elam. Policy of Deportation. The City of Sargon Sennacherib comes to the Throne. Insurrection of Babylon. The King Victorious.

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