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Ceremonial. Classes of Priests. Famous Shrines. Colleges. Priesthood Hereditary. Discipline of the Priests. Personal Purity. Food. Celibacy. Common People Vocations. Heredity. Transmitted Skill. Changes from Rank to Rank. Land-owner ship. Subjection of the People. Prosperity of the Peasants. The Peasant Home. Amusements and Sports. Games Displayed in Sculpture. Gaming, Music and Dancing. The Ox-song. Egyptian Sepulture. Embalming. The Process Described. Preparation of Mummies. Solemnity of Egyptian Funeral Rites. Ancestral Worship. Crossing the Lake of the Dead .................. 71-83


Primitive Beliefs of the Egyptians. Were they Monotheistic? Not Idolaters. The God Ptah. His Worship. Theory of Worship. Titles of Ptah. His Emblems. Ra. Where Worshiped. How Represented. Associated with other Deities. Emblems. Titles. Arnun. Atmu. Turn and Mentu. Seb and Tefnet. Osiris and Isis. Seats of their Worship. Set. Symbolism of Osiris and Isis. Horus. Hathor. Thoth. Minor Divinities of Egypt. Adoration of Animals. The Sacred Creatures. The Ibis. Apis. Bennu. The Phoenix. Lesser Sacred Beasts. Better Concepts. The Day of Judgment. Practical Ethics. Religious Bias of Egyptian Law. Strifes of Towns Respecting Sacred Animals. Egyptian Art Associated with Religion. Splendid Ruins of the Nile Valley. Architecture. Building Materials. Profusion of Sculpture. The Column. Various Orders. Statuary. Obelisks. Writing. The Hieroglyphics. Their Ex plication. Hieratic and Demotic Characters. Coptic Egyptian Painting. Scene in the Temple of Medinet Habu. Egyptians Wanting in Ideality . 83-102



Geographical Character of Mesopotamia. Euphrates and Tigris. Their Valleys. Annual Floods. Tributaries. Dwindling of the Euphrates. The Chaldaean Plain. Aspect of the Country. Extent and Shape. Recession of the Persian Gulf. Elements of Natural Wealth. Man Early Attracted to the Situation. Proximity of Sea. Advantages of the Primitive Chaldseans ............... 103-107


Ethnic Place of the Chaldaeans Considered. Recent Classification of Races. The Aryan Race. Its Distribution. The Semitic Race. The Hamitic Race. Kinship of Chaldaeans and Egyptians. The Chaldaeans Modified by Other Peoples. Personal Characteristics. Pursuits. Skill. The Name "Chaldaean". Principal Tribes. Character of the Chaldee Language. Writing ................ 108-111


Berosus. Fragments of His Works. Tradition of the Creation. Oan teaches Men. Early Dynasties. Chaldaean Tradition of the Flood. The Same compared with the Assyrian Account. Other Traditions of a Deluge. Deeds and Fame of Nimrod. Tribal Move ments of his Epoch. Urukh, the Builder. Style of his Structures. Ruins of Warka. The Temple. Inscriptions of Bricks. The Mugheir Ruins. Description of Moon-god Temple. Calneh and Larsa. Ur. Reign of llgi. Chaidzea conquered by Elam. Kudur Nakhunta. Kudur Lagamer. His Conquests in the West. Abraham. Other Elamite Sovereigns. Dynasty Third. Kings of Fourth Dynasty. Ismi Dagon. Gurguna. Haram Sin. Babylon the Capital. Minor Reigns. Arabian Dynasty. Khammu Rabi Samsulluna. Kara- In- Das. Kara-Khar-Das. Purra-Puriyas. Kurri Galzu. Assyrian Conquest of Chaldaea. Condition of Lower Mesopotamia there after. Antiquity of the Country. Its Importance in Early History. Imperfect Knowledge of the Kingdom. Present Knowledge only an Outline . 111-123


Fame of the Chaldaeans. Learning Based on Industrial Pursuits. The Industries of Chaldaea. Houses. Temples. Absence of Stone. Varieties of Bricks. How Built in Walls. Mortar. Temple of Abu-Sharein. Wanting in Beauty. Inner Shrines. Dwellings and Huts. Details of Structure. Chaldaean Burying places. Methods of Sepulture. Coffins. Drainage. Pottery. Signet Cylinders. Tools. Metals. Fabrics. Chaldaea Favorably Situated for the Study of Nature. Astronomical Knowledge. Measurement of Time and Distance. Records of Eclipses. Numbers. Weights. Writing. The Cuneiform Method. Tablets and Plates. Gem Engraving ..... 123-131


Chaldaean Views of Creation. Myths and Traditions. Sky gods. Doctrine of El. Anu. Bel. Mixed with the Myth of Nimrod. Hea. The Moon god Sin. Called Hurki. Samas. Bin. Adar. Mingled with the Fish god. Temples of Bin. Mero dach. Nergal. The Chaldaean Venus. Manner of the Pilgrims at her Shrine. The Goddess Istar. Similar to Proserpina. Nebo. Similar to Hermes. Some