War of the Rebellion: Index to the Plates (Atlas to Accompany the Official Records)

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Embracing the titles of all Maps, Plans, Sketches, Views, and Illustrations, with the names of the States, Territories, and other theaters of war represented, and the names of places mentioned in the Summaries of Military Events in Series I and which also appear in the Atlas.

Unless otherwise indicated all references are to places mentioned. Maps, plans, sketches, illustrations, etc., are specifically indicated. The figures in black-faced type denote plate numbers and those in light-faced type map numbers, from plate 1 to 135-C; from 136 to 161 the light-faced type denote the positions of the places named. For illustrations appearing on plates 162 to 175, inclusive, only the plate numbers are given. The letter U, in parentheses, affixed to indices of military geographical divisions and departments, stands for Union, and the letter C for Confederate.