War of the Rebellion: Serial 129 Page 0229 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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of demand which require greater exertions, and its consideration should not be postponed. The sum of all that is proposed in this communication is men and iron. With these we can make boiler plate, wheels, tires, cars, rails, &c. There is nothing impossible in it. Indeed, it is easy of accomplishment, and if Government will only offer the details, works corresponding in extent with the demand will soon be started; but before I could conscientiously recommend this plan I should like to see all the present motive power and cars in working condition, and until this is done it is worse than folly to attempt more extensive projects.

I remain, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant-Colonel and Quartermaster.

[MARCH 18, 1864. - For Forrest to Polk and Clark to Polk, in relation to the transfer of the State troops of Mississippi to the Confederate service, see Series I, VOL. XXXII, Part III, pp. 650,651.]

Richmond, March 19, 1864.

I. Officers on inspection duty, while traveling under the immediate orders of the War Department, will be allowed their personal expenses (less the communication value of one ration per day) in lieu of all allowances for fuel, quarters, and forage. Each account must be certified by the officer receiving the payment, and will be paid by any quartermaster.

II. Paragraph 166, General Regulations, is not construed to allow certain commanding officers to grant themselves leave. They will not absent themselves from their commands without authority from this office.

III. Paragraph 170, General Regulations, is hereby revoked. Nor will the commander of a post grant leave to an office without permission first obtained from the general commanding the army or department in which the post may be established.

IV. Commanding generals and other commanding officers are prohibited from detaching officer and ordering them to duty or for assignment in other commands, or beyond the limits of their departments or commands, without previous authority from this office. The transportation allowance of an officer so detached and ordered without previous authority will be charged to the office giving the order.

V. Until exchanged and reassembled, the officers and men of captured organizations will be temporarily assigned, by the general commanding the department in which the troops have been serving, to depleted organization in the service, or to such other duty as the commanding general may direct. To this end it will be the duty of the officers of the Conscription Bureau in the several States to return to the general commanding the department in which the troops have last served such officer and soldiers as are now or may be hereafter absent from duty on account of the capture of their command.

VI. Paragraph VI, General Orders, No. 13, current series, is thus amended:

In making payments to soldiers upon descriptive lists officers of the Quartermastwill be careful to indorse thereon the