War of the Rebellion: Serial 129 Page 0022 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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smallest regiments be consolidated, as it would greatly decrease the expenses of the war. The Florida regiments being about the smallest in the Army of Northern Virginia will be the first to suffer in that way, and we (both officers and men) think if our civil authorities at home will not make the slightest effort to relieve us in our distress they hold the honor of tittle consequence, and we are poorly repaid for the sacrifices made and the danger gone through with since coming to Virginia., Great injustice has been done us as regards sending on conscripts to recruit our ranks. It is a well known fact that the object of the conscript law was not to form new organizations (as is the case in Florida), but to fill up the ranks of the regiments already in the field as fast as they were reduced below the standard by the misfortunes of war. It is an equally well-known fact that not a single conscript has been sent to some of the regiments, and what is worse, the deserters have been allowed to join home organization.

We inclose you the indorsements of pour generals upon the application to be sent to Florida this winter, and respectfully ask your co-operation in our endeavors to that effect. We known that your influence is justly felt and appreciated where it would benefit our undertaking should you think it proper to assist us in this move.

At a meeting of the officers of this brigade we, the undersigned, being appointed a committee to correspond with Your Excellency upon this subject, would be pleased to hear from you as soon as convenient.

We have the honor to be, Governor, your obedient servants, Benj. F. Davis, major Fifth Florida Regiment; Thos. E Clarke, major Eighth Florida Regiment; David Lang, colonel Eighth Florida Regiment; B. Frank Whitner, captain, Eighth Florida Regiment, committee. C. A. Bryan, captain Fifth Florida Regiment; J. L. Taylor, lieutenant, commanding Company K, Fifth Florida Regiment; J. M. Tolbert, Company D, Second Florida Regiment; N. B. Walker, Company I, Second Florida Regiment; D. B. Taylor, aide-de-camp.

[First indorsement.]

December 17, 1863.

These applications are respectfully forwarded and recommended. The regiments composing originally number 3,271; of these there are now barely enough for a battalion. From Governor Milton and other sources in Florida I learn that the regiments could be recruited were they allowed to winter there. I hope the application will, be favorably considered.


Brigadier-General, Commanding Brigade.

[Second indorsement.]

DECEMBER 18, 1863.

Respectfully forwarded, urgently requesting that this or some other means be taken to restore the Florida Brigade to something like its original strength.