War of the Rebellion: Serial 129 Page 0018 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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[Second indorsement.]


January 20, 1864.

If the country authorities of the counties of Florida will apply to Major C. C. Yonge, controlling quartermaster of the State, at Tallahassee, he will them authority to purchase breadstuffs from the depots of the tax kind at commissioners' rates, such supplies being for the indigent. Major Yonge has full authority on the subject. The Commissary-General's Department is collecting in these counties only for the purpose of feeding cattle.



Assistant Quartermaster-General.

[Third indorsement.]

Arms can be placed at the disposal of Governor Milton at Columbus, Ga.


[Inclosure Numbers 1.]


Quincy, Fla., December 9, 1863.

His Excellency JOHN MILTON.

Governor of Florida:

GOVERNOR: Having just received this morning a copy of the act of the last Florida Legislature regulating the mode of executing the impressment acts of the Confederate Government by its officers on this State, I find that the fifth section of that act requires "each and every person authorized by Confederate authority or law of the Confederate States to make impressments in this State shall notify the Governor thereof, so that the citizens of this State may be notified thereof by proclamation of the Governor as aforesaid. " If Your Excellency requires this notice to be given be each and every person in my department individually, it will be from three to five weeks before they can be written to and their answer obtained so as to furnish Your Excellency their names. But official notification from me of the names of these I have empowered to make impressments will satisfy the terms and required to make impressments will satisfy the terms and requirements of the fifth section of said law, them I have the honor to inclose to Your Excellency a partial list of their names for immediate proclamation. If each person has individually to notify Your Excellency of his power to impress, all of our

surplus stores will be in danger of being purchased and taken out of the State before this can be done, and in all the cattle districts of this State (where we are collecting by detailed men nearly all of the cattle now supplied to our armies) our operations must be suspended until the notice be given by each impressing officer from the remotest regions of this State. Three-fourths of the beef-cattle are now furnished for from Manatee and Brevard Counties, both very remote, and on account of poor mail service it requires from three to four weeks for a letter to go and answer to be returned. What is to be the fate of our armies, now almost solely dependent upon this State for meat, Heaven only knows. The danger from this source will be greatly lessened if it held sufficient for me to furnish you the names of my impressing officers. On the contrary, if each officer has himself to notify you, the interval until this can be done will be one of great