War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0619 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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service in the staff departments of the Army, will be recommended by the Board of Examiners to the general commanding the department or army for detail in the Medical Department as nurses, guards, &c., to relieve as far as practicable able-bodied soldiers fit for duty in the field; or if specially fit for duty in another staff department, they will be recommended for detail in such department.

II. Soldiers detailed under these provisions will, when fit for field duty, be relieved and sent to their commands.

III. Paragraph X, General Orders, No. 69, current series, having in some instances been evaded, is so far amended as to prohibit medical officers from extending leaves of absence to officers or furloughs to men. They can only certify to the disability and recommend such extensions.

IV. Commutation for rations to men upon furlough will not be paid until they rejoin their commands.

V. Rations will be issued to discharged men delayed at way hospitals.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.


Raleigh, July 9, 1863.


Richmond, Va.:

DEAR SIR: I am fearful I shall not be able to furnish the 7,000 men called for. Upon receipt of the Secretary's letter I immediately issued my proclamation and ordered a general enrollment throughout the State. The returns so far are gratifying to our State pride, but sad to contemplate. The average of soldiers and detailed men is about equal to the voting population, and there are very few behind. On learning this I visited the Legislature in secret session and urged them to draft the magistrates and militia officers. They declined to do so and adopted the exemption bill of Congress, which I fear will prevent me from raising the whole number required. I will proceed rapidly, however, to get out as many as I can. I have already in Eastern Carolina some 800 men raised for local defense which I wish you to receive as part of the men he called for. There are also some five or six small companies along the Tennessee border, authorized by me to be raised before your requisition for defense of the citizens against the swarm of tories, refugees, and deserters who have congregated in the o carry pillage and murder in their path. It will be impossible to remove them without ruin to the loyal people. I would be glad if you would receive them and permit them to remain.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


[First indorsement.]


Let the order be given to receive the local-defense companies mentioned within, and give credit to North Carolina for the number.

J. D.