War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0609 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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Richmond, June 26, 1863.

I. The senior officer of engineers serving with an army in the field will be held responsible for the proper execution of all duties appertaining to his department; and the orders of the commanding general relating to the engineer service will be communicated through him, and he will recommend to the general commanding the assignments of junior officers of engineers to serve with corps, divisions, and brigades. The engineer officer of highest rank in each assignment will receive the orders of his immediate commander, report to him whatever concerns the engineer service, and communicate to him the orders he receives from the senior engineer. He will also report to the senior engineer all his operations, with sketches, drawings, and maps for the information of the commanding general, and for transmission to the Engineer Bureau.

II. All officers of engineers, and employees under the Engineer Department, will communicate through the proper channels with the senior engineer serving with the army in the field, be responsible to him for all public funds and property in their hands, and receive his orders and instructions.

III. The duties of officers of engineers serving with the armies of the Confederate States in the field, camp, or cantonment are as follows, viz: To make reconnaissances and surveys of the sections of country occupied by our forces, and as far as possible of the country held by the enemy, embracing all the information that can be obtained in reference to roads, bridges, fords, topographical and military features, the character and dimensions of the water courses, the practicability of constructing fixed and floating bridges, the extent of wooded and cleared lands, and the capacity of the country to supply the general wants of the army; to make detailed examinations and surveys of positions to be occupied for defensive purposes; to select the sites, and form plans, projects, and estimates for all military works, defensive or ofeld forts, batteries, rifle-pits, lines of infantry cover, military trenches, parallels, saps, mines, and other works of attack and siege; also works for obstructing rivers and harbors; to prepare such maps and plans as will give a full knowledge of the ground and proposed works, and submit the same to the commanding general for his information and consideration, and forward, through the proper channels, copies of all reports, memoirs, estimates, plans, drawings, and models relating to the duties above enumerated to the Engineer Bureau, at Richmond.

IV. The locations and plans for the works being thus determined, they will be marked out on the ground by the engineers, who will indicate by stakes, lines, profiles, and other guides the shape and dimensions of the different parts for the information and government of those who direct the troops or laborers employed to do the work. When troops are detailed to construct temporary defenses they will be in all cases commanded by their officers, who will see that the work is done in exact conformity to the plans and directions of the officer of engineers, without regard to rank.

V. When an officer of engineers is charged with directing an expedition, or making a reconnaissance requiring the support of an escort, without having command of the troops, he will call on the commander