War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0578 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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6. All payments to detailed men under the act of May 1, 1863, will be made from the 1st day of January, 1863, and will not be continued beyond the 31st of December, 1863; but no payment shall be made to those who have been detailed heretofore "without pay and allowance as soldiers. " From and after the 31st of May payments to such men will be made under this act.

7. The approval of the chiefs of bureaus and the sanction of the Secretary of War, required by the above-recited act of Congress, will not be necessary in each particular case of detail; but each bureau may, with the approval of the Secretary of War, prescribe general regulations for the payment of the different classes of detailed men in their respective employments.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.


Richmond, June 30, 1863.

I. The sanction of the Secretary of War required by the act of Congress is given generally by the above order.

II. The approval required from this Bureau is announced as followers:

1. Officers of the Quartermaster's department in charge of detailed men are authorized to pay all such in their employ, when serving at posts or stations without troops, or in cities, towns, or Government workshops, much sums as they may deem proper, not exceeding $3 a day.

2. Officers of this department in charge of detailed men in the field are authorized, with the approval of the commanding general, to pay them such rates as they may deem proper, not exceeding $1. 25 a day.

III. The approval of other chiefs of bureaus, as also of departmental or other commanders, when required by law, will be given in such manner as they may deem most convenient, and the paying officer will act thereon, without reference to this office.

IV. No case need be referred for the further approval of the Quartermaster-General, except when under the provisions of paragraph III of the above general order it is proposed to exceed, on special grounds, the allowance of $1. 25 a day to detailed men serving in this department in the field. Then the recommendation of the officer in charge and the approval of the commanding general must always be had before the application is forwarded.

V. In determining the rate of compensation to be paid men detailed, quartermasters will not go unnecessarily to the maximum, but will exercise a discretion and act with reference to the additional expense to which the men are put by reason of the locality in which they serve.

VI. The per diem allowed will in all cases go back to the 1st of January last, if the applicant shall have been on detached or detailed duty so long, but care must be taken in all cases to deduct the value of all allowances heretofore received.

VII. The act of Congress referred to as act No. 52 relates exclusively to clerks employed in the public offices in the city of Richmond by reason of physical disability. They receive, independent of any approval, $1 a day, as extra-duty pay, and that without prejudice to their allowances.