War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0577 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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[Third indorsement.]

The Treasury Department can take no action upon this document unless formally left with it by the Secretary of War, or some special communication be made according to the act of Congress.


Secretary of the Treasury.



Richmond, June 4, 1863.

I. The following act of Congress concerning compensation of detailed men, and the instructions of the War Department in regard thereto, are published for the information and direction of all concerned:

1. The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That non-commissioned officers, musicians or privates, when employed on detached or detailed service by the departmental or a district, or under the direction of any of the military bureaus, instead of the compensation now allowed, may be allowed the sun of not more than three dollars per day, in lieu of rations and all other allowances, upon the recommendation of the officer immediately in charge of such men, with the approval of the commander or chief of bureau, as the case may be, and the sanction of the Secretary of War.

2. This act shall remain in force for one year from the first day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-three.

Approved May 1, 1863.

II. 1. Detailed men in the service of the several military bureaus, other than the clerks-described in act No. 52 (clerks employed in public offices on the city of Richmond by reason of physical disability), will allowed such sum per day in lieu of rations and all other allowances, not exceeding $3, as may be recommended by the officer in charge of such detailed men, and approved by the chief of bureau.

2. The maximum allowance of $3 will be paid to the class of detailed men serving at posts or rations without troops, or in counties and towns or Government workshops.

3. The rate of allowance to men serviced in the field as clerks at headquarters, or on duty in the Quartermaster's, Ordnance, Engineer, Commissary, or Medical, Mining and Niter Departments, will be established at such sums per diem as may be recommended by the officer in charge of such men and approved by the commanding general. These rates will not exceed $1. 25 per diem, except in special cases of service in the departments above mentioned, when a greater rate may be authorized by the chiefs of bureaus, upon the approval of the commanding general.

4. The extra compensation allowed by the foregoing act will be paid to detailed men by the departments in which they are respectively employed, except medical departments, upon such rolls as may be prescribed; except that payments by the Quartermaster's Department will be made upon rolls according to Form No. 3, Regulations of the Quartermaster's Department. Such payments will be in full of all payments and allowances heretofore paid and allowed to soldiers, except their monthly pay. Payments in the Medical Department will be made as now by quartermasters.

5. Shoemakers detailed under the provisions of the act of October 9, 1862, who may receive the per diem allowance in lieu of rations and other allowances authorized by the at of May 1, 1863, will also be entitled to the compensation of 35 per cents per pair for shoes manufactured by them authorized by the said act of October 9, 1862.