War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0573 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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Richmond, Va., May 30, 1863.

By the circular from this Bureau of May 19, 1863, commandants of conscripts were directed to abstain from fully carrying into execution the second section of the act of Congress of May 1, 1863, making new regulations for the exemption of oversees until such further instructions should be issued as deemed proper by Executive discretion under the third section. The whole subject was referred to the War Department.

In view of the great demand for provisions and their scarcity, and of the fact that many persons have made their arrangements for cultivating their farms upon the conditions of the law of October 11, 1862, the Department deems it imprudent by the withdrawal of supervision from slave labor to disturb the processes in operation for the supply of food. The Assistant Secretary of War writes:

It is therefore recommended to you not to conscribed the persons employed as superintendents of the plantations employed in growing crops of provisions which there is reason to believe will be appropriated to the use of the Army or the supply of the indigent population the growing seasons. A liberal use of the power of granting temporary exemptions in meritorious cases will be approved.

Commandants on conscripts will, therefore, in the enforcement of the act May 1, pay particular attention to these suggestions of the War Department, and be governed by them.

All persons subject to the operation of the act will be enrolled, and temporary exemptions granted or refused by the commandant where the merit or want of it is clear. Doubtful cases will be referred to the Bureau for decision.


Brigadier-General and Superintendent.

(To Commandants of Conscripts.)


JUNE 5, 1863.


The spirit approved, but oversees, &c., should be enrolled and temporarily detailed. Details are to be preferred to temporary exemptions.

J. A. S.,




Richmond, June 3, 1863.

I. The Congress of the Confederate States having failed to recognize the appointment of provost-marshals from persons not belonging to the Army, or to make appropriation for the services of those persons who had been employed in that capacity, hereafter no much appointments will be made.

II. The generals of departments will report the posts at which provost-marshals are needed, with the number of provost or other guards at the same, and recommend for appointment suitable officers for the same.

III. In all cases preference will be given to competent officers who have become disabled, by wounds or other infirmity, for active field duty.