War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0554 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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by law, exempt them from military duty in the Provisional Army of the Confederate States.

Approved May 1, 1863.


Brigadier-General and Superintendent.



Richmond, May 15, 1863.

I. Farmers upon whose premises horses and mules have been or may hereafter be left by the enemy are admonished to pursue the requirements of the laws of their respective States respecting astray so far as to have the same properly valued and the valuation thereof duly recorded; and where it is not apparent that such property was the property of the United States Government, to have advertisement thereof made as required by law.

II. Upon compliance with the above admonition the Government will not assert any adverse claim to such horses and mules, unless they shall exceed in value the property whereof the citizens having possession may have been despoiled by the enemy, and then only to the extent of such excess in value.

III. All officers of the Army will respect the rights of citizens as defined and conceded in the foregoing sections.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.

22A AUSTIN FRIARS, LONDON, May 15, 1863.


Secretary of War, Richmond, Va.:

SIR: I had this pleasure - instant, copy of which is inclosed. * I continue without any of your favors. The steamer Hebe left here on 12th instant, and but for bad weather in the Channel would now be at sea. She will probably leave Falmouth to-morrow; or, of not, certainly the next day. A portion of the cargo I had ordered down for her (account of your Department) was shut out, which I regret exceedingly, our portion of the cargo being already on board. It is now in excess our portion. It shall be arranged in next cargo. In order to arrange it as far as possible in this I have entered on commissary invoice 183 bags coffee, and on Navy Department invoice 50 boxes tin plates that I had bought for ourselves; but yet our portion is too large. Major Huse refuses yet to pay the draft Mr. Bosher passed to A. Collie & Co., and on the promise of payment of same Messers. A. Collie & Co. authorize the purchase of over 40,000 pounds provisions in Liverpool. We are now sending of them one cargo to Nassau and another to Bermuda, to meet there steamers Venus and Hebe on their return. The advance, however, that I will have to call upon Mr. Collie to make me in order to keep on is so great that I fear I shall be unable to send forward the balance of the provisions, but will have to borrow money on them. Especially do I fear this since Captain Bulloch tells me he can furnish me with no aid shortly. I hope the Diana will be ready in all this month for cargo.


* Not found as an inclosure, but probably that of May 5, p. 543.