War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0549 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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that the aspect of affairs in Louisiana may assume so grave a character as to require the movement of troops from this district, whose places must be supplied by the State troops. The general requests that you will also call out such additional number of militia from the northeastern country as you may be able to arm for service and place them at once on a footing for active service in the field. In the case of the 5,000 militia who have been in service, you are requested to give such orders that they will assemble without any delay at their former places of rendezvous. You will please cause the brigadier-general to hold elections for field officers, and report by letter to Brigadier-General Scurry should the major-general commanding not have arrived. Those companies having furnished muster-rolls will in their reorganization be guided and mustered by the muster-rolls already furnished. Copy of the muster-rolls will be transmitted to these headquarters and also to Brigadier-General Scurry. You will please cause the brigade commanders to report immediately upon their arrival at their respective camps the fact to these headquarters and to Brigadier-General Scurry without the slightest delay. It being understood that some of these brigades failed to comply with General Orders, No. 50, January 20, 1863, from these headquarters, in not turning over their arms, the general wishes the brigade commanders to report the number of companies, the strength of each company, and also the number and kind of arms in the hands of each company.

The ordnance officer and quartermaster at Houston, Tex., have been directed to turn over, on proper application, the arms, ammunition, cooking utensils, and camp and garrison equiPAGE, according to the receipts taken at the time these articles were turned over by the brigade officers. These troops are at once needed on the Louisiana frontier, and Brigadier-General Scurry has been directed to make the necessary arrangements for their support by establishing at Harrisburg depots with ninety days' rations for 5,000 militia, and also at some convenient point on the Louisiana and Texas frontier on the Nacogdoches road, placing there also ninety days' rations for 5,000 militia, if they shall be called out by you and armed by the State. The general requests that you call out all the available forces not less than the above number, and cause them to be organized and assembled ready to meet the enemy whenever necessary. I have the honor to inclose a copy of General Orders, No. 17, from these headquarters, with the remark that as far as consistent with letter its provisions will be adopted; also General Orders, No. 16, for the information of brigade commanders, which you will please cause to be furnished them. *

I have the honor to be, Governor, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain and Assistant Adjutant-General.


Richmond, May 8, 1863. 13

The operation of paragraph IV, General Orders, No. 28, March 12, 1863, from the Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, is so far modified for the present as to allow payment of officers in hospitals


* Inclosures not found.