War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0542 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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already bought and contracted for and immediately return you the $ 55,000 already paid by you on account of the Government.

Hoping to have your views fully on the whole subject, I remain, yours, very truly,


The above meets my cordial assent.


[Inclosure No. 13.]

22A AUSTIN FRIARS, LONDON, April 27, 1863.


SIR: For your information, and in further proof that Major Huse will allow his opposition to the arrangement between the Secretary of War and myself to prevent him not only from affording me any aid in carrying it out, but will induce him to throw every obstacle that is possible in my way, I beg to inclose copy of a letter* just received from him advising that he has drawn on me for $ 22,500 to be paid out of the funds you placed in my hands. Of course I shall not pay the draft, and will only add that my purchases already for the Government greatly exceed the $ 55,000 you furnished me with. Be pleased to let me have your reply to the letter I addressed you last week at your earliest convenience.

Your most obedient,


[Inclosure No. 14.]


April 28, 1863.


SIR: I have your letter of the 15th instant accompanied by one to you from Major Huse, and upon which you express the opinion that it will be impossible for you to expect a concert of action with him in carrying out your engagements with the War Department, and asking for such action and advice as I can give on the subject. You further say that under those circumstances you do not see any hope of giving effect to the engagements entered into with the Secretary unless you can look to me for the financial aid required, and after expressing an earnest desire still to be of service to the Government and in the manner indicated by the Secretary of War, under whose direction you came to England, you state that nevertheless should I "think the interest of the Government would be promoted by canceling the contract" signed by me on behalf of the War Department with Mr. Collie and yourself, and would so inform you, that it should at once be done, and that you would immediately return the money ($ 55,000) which I had caused to be advanced to you on account of the Government. The letter from the Secretary of War which you brought stated in some detail the character of the service you were to be engaged in, expressed also in the strongest manner the importance attached by the Secretary to the success of the enterprise, and for which he earnestly invoked every aid or facility in my power to obtain for you the "command of adequate resources. " It was because of the character of that letter that I felt it incumbent on me (in the absence of other resources) to obtain for you


* See inclosures No. 9, p. 539.