War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0541 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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studiously avoided), convince me that not only there will be no concert of action between us, but that you intend to throw every obstacle that you can in the way of my accomplishing the business intrusted to me. It is in my opinion unfortunate for the Government that the recent orders from Mr. Seddon, giving you control of the finances, will enable you not only to prevent me from moving on as rapidly as I think the wants of our Government require, but also embarrass me very much in carrying on what I had undertaken before your return from Paris. Believing, however, that those orders were based on incorrect information, and in fact given in total ignorance of the condition and management of the Government business here, I shall embrace the earliest opportunity of writing to the War Department as to the facts as I think they exist here. In the meantime, if you continue to refuse to furnish me with any funds for the carrying out of the Government portion of the contract and for the purchase of meat ordered for the commissariat, the responsibility will rest with you and you alone.

Your most obedient,


[Inclosure No. 12.]

22A AUSTIN FRIARS, LONDON, April 15, 1863.


SIR: Being satisfied from the position assumed by Major C. Huse, in his letter to me of the 14th instant, not only that there is to be no concert of action between us in carrying out the orders of the Hon. James A. Seddon, Secretary of War, but that in continuing to buy steamers in accordance, as he says, with orders from tau he is acting in direct conflict with the spirit of the agreement recently entered into by Messers. Alex. Collie & Co. and myself with the War Department, I am induced to lay this letter before you for such action and advice as you may be pleased to give me on the subject. In the position recently assigned to Major Huse by the Honorable Secretary of War he can (and from the tenor of this letter will, I think) seriously embarrass me in carrying out the arrangement agreed upon, and I do not see any chance of doing so except by looking to you for such pecuniary aid as I will require until I can inform the Secretary of War of the existing state of things and hear from him in reply. I know that the agreement was made by him in good faith, and that he will do all in his power to carry it out.

Permit me in conclusion to say that my object in inaugurating this scheme was not only to benefit myself, but to be of service to our Government, and I therefore beg leave to add that if in view of the whole matter as it now stands, and especially the course pursued by Major H[use] in continuing to buy steamers in opposition to what I believe to be the wishes of the Secretary of War, and in opposition to the spirit of the contract recently entered into between us, and especially in view of the fact that there may be some opposition in the two separate lines of steamers, one owned exclusively by the Government and the other only three-fourths by the Government - if in view of all this you think the interests of our Government would be promoted by canceling the contract recently entered into by you for the War Department with Messers. Alex. Collie & Co. and myself, I beg that you will so inform me at once and it shall be done. Messers. Alex. Collie & Co. and myself will take on our own account the five steamers