War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0540 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Gorgas' draft on me for $ 22,500 in your hands for collection. In reply I have to say that the only funds available for meeting this draft are those furnished to you by Mr. Mason for the War Department. You will, therefore, please pay to Mr. Bosher from the money you have received from Mr. Erlanger on account of the War Department the amount of the draft you hold for collection. I inclose to Mr. Bosher, by this post, an order on you for $ 22,500.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, & c.

[Inclosure No. 10.]

LONDON, April 27, 1863.

Major C. HUSE,

25 Grande Rue Auteuil, Paris:

SIR: Your favor of 25th instant is to hand advising me of your draft in favor of Mr. C. H. Bosher for $ 22,500. It seems your draft was not inclosed in the letter to him, but I have informed him that if it was it would not be paid, as I have no funds in my hands subject to your order, and my purchases for our Government already greatly exceed the amount paid me on its account by Mr. Mason.

Your most obedient,


[Inclosure No. 11.]

22A AUSTIN FRIARS, LONDON, April 27, 1863.

Major C. HUSE,

25 Grande Rue Auteuil, Paris:

SIR: I duly received your favors of 14th and 16th instant, and since the date of the latter you will recollect that we have had a personal interview. In that interview you took occasion to inform me as follows, viz:

First. That you thought that the interests of the Government would be best promoted by canceling the contract recently entered into by the Secretary of War with Messers. Collie and myself.

Second. That you had no authority to pay me any money for carrying out the said contract, and that my receipt to you would not be a voucher for any payment that you might make me, except for the express purpose of buying meat for the Department, notwithstanding the fact that the Hon. J. M. Mason has shown you the Secretary of War's letter to him asking that he should furnish me with all the funds necessary for carrying out my arrangements, out of any money that the Government could command here, and I have shown you his letter to me under date of 8th of February, saying that if he had known as much he would have given this letter direct to you.

Third. That Colonel Gorgas writes you "that the Secretary of War has entered into some arrangements with one William G. Crenshaw, the nature of which this department (Ordnance Bureau) remains in ignorance; " and either in the same or a subsequent letter the same officer writes that "in future this dnce Bureau) will control and manage the sea transportation for the Government. "

These remarks, in connection with your letters already referred to, and especially when viewed with the position which you assumed in the first conversation we had together, viz, that the Government ought to have retained its purchasing in the hands of Messers. Isaac, Campbell & Co. (whose name, by the way, is, in all your letters,