War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0537 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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willing to have executed by Messers. Alexander Collie & Co. and myself under the arrangement made by us with the War Department. The goods already bought by Major Ferguson will go on board the two steamers we are about to load, and will about fill the space allotted to the War Department. The fourth of each cargo will be put on board by us for the Navy Department. It is important, however, in order to have cargoes in Nassau for these two steamers on their return from the Confederate States, and to lay them down in Nassau at a low rate of freight, that we should immediately buy and ship goods by sailing vessels. This I propose to do. Having no orders from the War Department except the one for meat from Major Ruffin, I think we had better commence to buy and send it forward, and as I am directed to confer with you in its execution, I shall be pleased to have your views in relation to it. I think it also very unfortunate that we have no other orders at this time, as it would be much better to equalize the value of each cargo than to ship by some vessels only low-priced goods, and on others those entirely of much greater value. I beg leave to repeat here that in addition to the two steamers about to load we have contracts for three others now building, all double screws, and promised by the builders to be ready as follows: 10th May, 30th June, and 15th July. We had intended buying another steamer, to make six in all, with which to start the joint account ventures, believing they would not be too many for the wants of the War Department, and now that the Hon. S. R. Mallory, Secretary of the Navy, advises me that he has become a party to the same contract and is interested to the extent of one-fourth in whatever is done under it, I am quite persuaded that no time should be lost in making further contracts for steamers, and especially to take the place of any that may be lost; but as you informed me that you had recently purchased three vessels for the Government to run between Bermuda and our ports, I feel some hesitation on the subject, and in accordance with Hon. Mr. Seddon's (Secretary of War) order to confer with you in my operations, I beg that you will give me your views on this subject at your earliest convenience.

I remain, your most obedient,


[Inclosure No. 6.]

71 JERMYN STREET, LONDON, April 14, 1863.


22A Austin Friars, London:

DEAR SIR: I am this morning in receipt of your communication of the 13th, and in reply have to say that as soon as I receive from the War Department of the Confederate States any communications relating tot the purchase of supplies I shall inform you what articles will be required from the house established by yourself and Mr. Collie. I have not yet received any letters by the late Bermuda mail. When they arrive I shall probably find some definite instructions from the War Department in them. In conversation with you on Saturday last I informed you that I was not prepared to place the purchasing of the ordnance and medical supplies in your hands, and that at a future time I would state to you in writing my reasons. They are as follows:

First. I have not received from the War Department any instructions from which I can draw the inference that I am to do so.