War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0523 CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES.

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preceding twelve months shall be estimated and taxed in the same manner.

SEC. 13. That the Secretary of War shall divide the service of the Quartermaster's Department into two branches, one, herein denominated post quartermasters, for the collection of the articles paid for taxes in kind, and the other for distribution to the proper points for supplying the Army, and for delivering cotton and tobacco to the agents of the Secretary of the Treasury. The tax assessor shall transfer the estimate of articles due from each person, by way of a tax in kind, to the duly authorized post quartermaster, taking from the said quartermaster a receipt, which shall be filed as a voucher with the chief collector in settling his account, and a copy of this receipt shall be furnished by the chief collector to the auditor settling the post quartermaster's account as a charge against him. The post quartermaster receiving the estimate shall collect from the tax-payer the articles which it specifies, and which he is bound to pay and deliver as a tax to the Confederate Government. The post quartermaster shall be liable for the safe custody of the articles placed in his care, and shall account for the same by showing that, after proper deductions from unavoidable loss, the residue has been delivered to the distributing agents, as evidenced by their receipts. The said post quartermaster shall also state the accounts of the quartermasters receiving from him the articles delivered in payment of taxes in kind at his depot, and make a monthly report of the same to such officer as the Secretary of War may designate: Provided, That in case the post quartermaster shall be unable to collect the tax in kind specified in the estimate delivered to him as aforesaid, he shall deliver to the district tax collector said estimate as a basis for the distress warrant authorized to be issued, and take a receipt therefor, and forward the same to the chief tax collector as a credit in the statement of the accounts of said post quartermaster: Provided, That any partial payment of said tax in kind shall be indorsed on said estimate before delivering the same to the district tax collector as aforesaid, and the receipt given to him therefor by the district tax collector shall specify said partial payment. When the articles thus collected through the payment of taxes in kind have been received at the depot as aforesaid, they shall be distributed to the agents of the Secretary of the Treasury, if they consist of cotton, wool or tobacco, or if they be suitable for forage or subsistence, to such places and in such manner as the Secretary of War may prescribe. Should the Secretary of War find that some of the agricultural produce thus paid in and suitable for forage and subsistence has been or will be deposited in places where it cannot be used, either directly or indirectly, for these purposes, he shall cause the same to be sold, in such manner as he may prescribe, and the proceeds ll be paid into the Treasury of the Confederate States. Should, however, the Secretary of War notify the Secretary of the Treasury that it would be impracticable for him to collect or use the articles taxes in kind, or any of them, to be received in certain districts or localities, then the Secretary of the Treasury shall proceed to collect in said districts or localities the money value of said articles specified in said estimate and not required in kind, and said money value shall be due on the first day of January in each and every year, and be collected as soon thereafter as practicable.

SEC. 14. That the estimates of incomes and profits, other than those payable in kind, and the statements or bills for the amount of the