War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0514 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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collected on the first day of October next, or as soon thereafter as may be practicable.

SEC. 2. Every person engaged or intending to engage in any business named in the fifth section of this act shall, within sixty days after the passage of this act, or at the time of beginning business, and on the first day of January in each year thereafter, register with the district collector, in such form as the commissioner of taxes shall prescribe, a true account of the name and residence of each person, firm, or corporation engaged or interested in the business, with a statement of the time for which and the place and manner in which the same is to be conducted, and of all other facts going to ascertain the amount of tax upon such business for the past or the future, according to the provisions of this act. At the time of such registry there shall be paid to the collector the specific tax for the year ending on the next thirty-first of December, and such other tax as may be due upon sales or receipts in such business, at the time of such registry, as herein provided; and the collector shall give to the person making such registry a copy thereof, with a receipt for the amount of tax then paid.

SEC. 3. Any person failing to make the registry, and to pay the tax required by the preceding section, shall, in addition to all other taxes upon his business, imposed by this act, pay double the amount of the specific tax on such business, and a like sum for every thirty days of such failure.

SEC. 4. Except where herein otherwise provided, there shall be a separate registry and tax for each business mentioned in the fifth section of this act, and for each place of conducting the same; but no tax shall be required for the mere storage of goods at a place other than the registered place of business. Upon every change in the place of conducting a registered business there shall be a new registry, but no additional tax shall be required. Upon the death of any person conducting a business registered and taxed as herein required, or upon the transfer of the business to another, the business shall not be subjected to any additional tax, but there shall be a new registry in the name of the person authorized by law to continue the business.

SEC. 5. That upon each trade, business of occupation hereinafter named, the following taxes shall be levied and paid for the year ending on the thirty-first of December, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, and for each and every year thereafter, viz:

I. Bankers shall pay five hundred dollars. Every person shall be deemed a banker within the meaning of this act who keeps a place of business where credits are opened in favor of any person, firm or corporation, by the deposit or collection of money or currency, and by whom the same, or any part thereof, shall be paid out or remitted upon the draft, check or order of such creditor; but not to include any bank legally authorized to issue notes as circulation, nor agents for the sale of merchandise for account of producers or manufacturers.

II. Auctioneers shall pay fifty dollars and two and a half per centrum on the gross amount of sales made: Provided, however, That on all sales at auction of stock or securities for money, the tax shall be one-fourth of one per centrum on the gross amount of sales. Every person shall be deemed an auctioneer, within the meaning of this act, whose occupation it is to offer property for sale to the highest or best bidder at public outcry. The tax upon the auctioneers shall be deemed a tax upon the personal privilege, to be paid by each individual engaged in the business, and without regard to the place at which