War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0506 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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represented by us and recommend to others in the Confederate States to adopt the following measures:

First. That to any person or persons who shall first within - months from the 1st of January, 1862, establish and put into successful operation a rolling-mill capable of manufacturing not less than - tons of good iron T-rails per month of a quality equal to those heretofore used by our companies, and who shall furnish such rails, subject to inspection and rejection by an inspector mutually agreed on if not of the required quality as aforesaid, and warranted to last not less than - years, each of our said companies will pledge itself and contract with such person or persons that it will annually, during - years from the 1st of January, 1862, purchase of such person or persons, to the extent that they can supply them, such rails for not less than one-fifteenth of the length of its railroad, paying for the same in old rails to the extent of not less than one-half the number of tons of new rails so purchased, and the residue in cash at the rate of one ton of new rails for two tons, or their market value in cash of the old rails, of or $ - per ton, added to the market value of the old rails for each ton of new rails, as the manufacturer may elect. That should more than one such mill be put into successful operation in any one State within the time specified, the companies in that State will purchase of each such mill an equal portion of the quantities before mentioned of such rails: Provided, That no company shall be under any obligation to purchase at a more distant mill rails which it can buy at a nearer one.

Second. That to any person or persons who shall establish and put into successful operation within - months from the 1st of January, 1862, manufactures of any other railroad supplies, the said companies pledge themselves, and will contract each with such person or persons, to purchase of them annually during not less than - years, or during the continuance of the existing war and blockade, such supplies, which shall not be less in quantity, if of equal quality, than they have each purchased during the year 1861, at a price exceeding by not less than - per cent. nor more than - per cent. the manufacturers' prices of such articles on the 1st day of July, 1860. That after the termination of the existing war the said companies will purchase the said articles of the same persons at prices which shall, during - years from the 1st day of January, 1862, be not less than 7 per cent. nor more than - per cent. more than the aggregate market prices (including all import duties and charges) of like articles then imported into the Confederate States. Should more than one manufactory of any of such railroad supplies (other than rails) be established within the time above limited in the Confederate States, each company shall give preference, first, to any such manufactory first established in the same State with such company; and secondly, to the nearest manufactory which shall be first established in any other Confederate States.

Third. That to any such person, persons, or corporations who shall bona fide commence the manufacture or the erection of buildings or machinery for the manufacture of iron rails, or any other railroad supplies, within the Confederate States within - months from the 1st day of January, 1862, who shall apply for such loans, and shall for its repayment or satisfaction tender to the company, or companies making it an adequate security or lien on property, the companies here represented, or hereafter uniting with them, will advance in money or materials, as provided in the foregoing resolutions, the