War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0498 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Fourth. Who will decide whether the Confederate States will take the whole or any part of the goods imported by Collie & Co. and Crenshaw & Co.

Fifth. Have all the necessary arrangements been made and the proper directions given for the goods to be imported by Messers. Collie & Co. and Crenshaw & Co. to be allowed to enter and be discharged free of duty? If not, will they be made and given at once?

Sixth. From whom can coal be obtained for the steamers?

Seventh. Does the Government desires to give any directions about insurance against sea risk from and sea risk and capture to the islands?

Eight. To whom shall the goods bought by Major J. B. Ferguson, quartermaster, referred to in the letter of William G. C[renshaw], be delivered on arrival?

Ninth. In addition to the above information be please to give me in another letter authority to ask of all authorities of the Confederate States all assistance in their power, compatible, of course, with a due regard to all other interests of the Confederate States. It may be necessary, under some circumstances, that I should pass without and within our lines. I therefore respectfully request a pass in the usual form for that purpose as an special service.

I have the honor to be, with the highest esteem, your obedient servant,



Respectfully returned to the Secretary of war:

The accompanying letter answers the questions pertaining to theirs office. The seventh question is, IU suppose, to be answered in the negative, as the Government desires, no doubt, to be it s own insurer.




Richmond, April 20, 1863.



SIR: In answer to the first, second, third, fourth, and sixth of the accompanying questions I have to state J. M. Seixas, esq., appointed agent of the War Department at Wilmington and Charleston, will receive instructions in relation to all matters embraced therein. Mr. Seixas in now Wilmington, but his duties under competent supervision at Charleston will embrace all importations made for the War Department on its own account, and he has received already instructions generally as to the matters touched in your questions.

Very respectfully,


Colonel, Chief of Ordnance.


ADJT. AND INSP. GENERAL'S OFFICE, No. 47. Richmond, April 21, 1863,

The following regulations respecting the rights of "partisan rangers" under the act of April 21, 1862, are published for the information of all concerned:

1. The act of April 21, 1862, provides that for any arms and munitions of war captured from the enemy by partisan rangers and