War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0496 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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shall, after the ratification of peace between the Confederate States and the United States, be appraised in the following manner: One appraised shall be appointed by the judge of the district court of the Confederate States for the district of Georgia; another shall be appointed by the Board of Directors of said company; and these two shall appointed a third, and their appraisement shall be made under oath and in writing, and filed with the clerk of the said district court. When the said appraisement shall be made, the said company shall have the privilege of paying, within ninety days thereafter, to the receiver at Savannah, the amount of said appraised value; and upon such payment, the possession and title to the said stock and bonds shall vest in and be transferred to the said company: Provided, however, That by accepting the relief hereby granted, and upon payment of the said appraised value, the said company shall be held and taken to have relinquished all claim against the Confederate States for compensation for the use of their said railroad.

Approved April 16, 1863.

AN ACT for the relief of certain officers and soldiers from the State of Missouri.

The Congress of the Confederate State of America do enact, That the sun of seventy-five thousand dollars be, and is hereby, appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to pay the officers and men of the Missouri State Guard (after their transfer to the Confederate States) who, from imprisonment, absence, and other accidental causes, have not received their pay, under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of War may prescribe.

Approved April 16, 1863.



No. 44. Richmond, April 16, 1863.

The following acts having been duly approved by the President, are published for the information of all concerned:

AN ACT to prohibit the punishment of soldiers by whipping.

The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That from and after the passage of this act, it shall not be lawful for any court-material or military court to cause any soldier in the service of the Confederate State to be punished by whipping, or the infliction of stripes upon his person; and that all laws and customs contravening the provisions of this act be, and same are hereby repealed.

SEC. 2. That article twenty of the Articles of war be so emended as to read as follows: "All officers and soldiers who have received pay, or have been duly enlisted in the service of the Confederate State, and shall be convicted of having deserter the same, shall suffer death or confinement in a penitentiary, with or without hard labor, for a period not less than one year, or more then five, or such other punishment, not inconsistent with the provisions of this act, as the court-martial or military court may determine. "

Approval April 13, 1863.

AN ACT to exempt for carrying the mails of the Confederate States and the drivers of post coaches and hacks military service.

The Congress of the Confederate States of American do enact, That the contractors for carrying the mails of the Confederate State shall be exempt from the performance of military duty in the armies of the Confederate States, from and after the passage of this act, during the time they are such constrictors: Provided, That no more than one contractor shall be exempt on any one route, and that no