War of the Rebellion: Serial 128 Page 0492 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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the Constitution or violation of State sovereignty. In left no ground for long-continued Congressional debate, and established no precedent for future aggressions upon the rights of the State. The party had dissolved the Union (a mighty deed, I grant), and must not only show its power but must signalize distinguish its reign.

The fears of the friends of the Administration that an opposing political organization is about to spring into existence are well founded, not that the written is in the secret, if it be such, or knows anything about it, but he presumes that there are thousands who feel as he does, that, judging the present Administration by its deeds and sentiments, it is unequal to the great circumscribed and illiberal to admit of an early conclusion of peace or to afford the widest extension of Southern influence and power when peace is restored. Already they being to inveigh against the Northwest States of the old Union and prepare the minds of the people to resist their contemplated application for admission into the Southern Confederacy. The admission of these State is supported by the Administration party to be a part if the supposed new political organization about to spirit up, and already it is characterized as a 'scheme ion foot, &c. " This is the same old cry of "wolf" -a part of the same work upon the credulity of the masses, to mislead them and possess their minds with a half-defined fear of some great danger from the machinations of a powerful political organization. But it will not do. Speech and the press are still unfettered in the South, and I pray God that they may remain so to the end of time. But suppose the friends of the Administration are correct, and that the admission of those State is a part of the programma of the new organization, does if follow that the proposition to admit those States is a 'scheme?" Was it 'scheme" that admitted Missouri, Texas, California into the Union? With greater justice the Democratic party may be charged with having inaugurated as 'scheme" to dissolve the Union. Texas could not be admitted into the Union the Administration then in power was overthrown. The sentiments of the people prevailed and it was accordingly overthrown. Let the present Administration take waking. It its policy is not sufficiently and power, it must give room to the narrow limits of the present bounds of the Confederacy, nor tremble for its political power at the bare mention of territorial acquisition. What does the present Administration fear? That the acquisition of territory will endanger the institution of slavery! To them slavery seems a precious jewel ornamented with cotton and set in the bosom of partisan power, for the admiration and worship of all future generations. I am as warm a supporter of slavery as any man in the Confederate States, but mankind at large will never be brought to worship at this shrine, and its toleration in these States by the rest of mankind is now, and will be, favored only by a conviction of necessity in view of the presence of the race in the Confederate State. The Abolitionists, upon the dissolution of the Union, charged the Secessionist with the intention of erecting a "Slaveocracy," and ridiculed the idea of establishing a permanent government whose chief basis was the institution of slavery. Had the South attempted this absurdity it would have merited the contempt and ridicule even of Abolitionists; but Constitution gives the lie to the charge and disappoints the cherished expectations of the Abolition calumniators.